17 March 2017

More than 70 trail groups are waiting....for you!

In a few weeks, more than 70 trail groups spread over 14 different countries are waiting for you to volunteer and help maintain, repair or build trails! Whether you are completely new to volunteer trail work or already have some experience, that doens't really matter as long as you sign up. We're running a raffle for volunteers that signed up with their group leader. Each group leader of a Take Care of Your Trails Weekend event will receive a volunteer sign up sheet. We collect the volunteer sign up sheets after the weekend of 1-2 April and pick a random winner for the various prices like: 

  • SRAM XO1 Eagle group
  • SRAM Eagle gold & black chain, SRAM 11-speed XX1 chain
  • IMBA books: Trail Solutiions, Managing Mountain Biking and Bike Parks
  • A one year subscription to Cranked Magazine, fabulous photography and writing, assiduous desing, beautifully printed
  • IMBA Europe riding jersey
  • Primal Europe t-shirts and socks
  • and more to com..

Is there a TCoYT group near me? 

It's the first year we're running ths pan-European campaign with our friends of Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland. Highest density of participating groups can be found in Slovenia, followed by Scotland, Denmark and France. There are still groups signing up so check our website regularly. Easiest thing to do is go to our online map. Each location on the map contains the following information: Location, group name, contact person & contact details (to sign up) and a short description of the work that's planned. 

Photo contest

Trail work is lots of fun and fun is what we would like to see in your group picture, taken at the TCoyTW event! Send us your best, most creative or funny group photo and make a chance to win 3 Builders Shape Tool, provided by Velosolutions / Schneestern GmbH & Co. KG. This tool combines 5 functions in one: tamper, pick, rake, axe and shaper. Just about everything a trail mainteance group can use.