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Youth, sport and nature connectedness.   Participation in sport and connectedness to nature are important in supporting youth towards better physical and mental health. Engaging in...

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A multidisciplinary team finding sustainable solutions for natural areas.   For those who don't know about Floema, what is Floema and how did you get started?   With 15...


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Geilo, Norway

7 - 8 September 2022

In-person event (2)
Online @ 8:30am CET

8 - 8 September 2022

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IMBA Europe is the leader in mountain bike advocacy and trail development throughout Europe. Our aim is to grow mountain biking and to promote our sport as an inexpensive, attainable, enduring antidote for many societal challenges. We want more people to discover the joy, physical and mental health benefits mountain biking and natural spaces can bring to their lives.

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IMBA is the worldwide leader in mountain bike advocacy and trail development—a space we have occupied since 1988 when IMBA was founded in the USA. In 2012, IMBA Europe was founded as a collective of European MTB advocacy groups, trail associations, trail builders, MTB regions and bicycle industry partners, spread over more than 20 countries.

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