About IMBA Europe

Vision, mission and values

IMBA Europe’s vision is to get more people on bikes through sustainable mountain biking

IMBA Europe’s mission is:

  • Improve people’s lives with better health, climate and economics through mountain biking
  • Advocate easy access to sustainable mountain bike and shared-use trails, from close-to-home rides to iconic, backcountry experiences
  • Work for Europe as a mountain bike friendly place, grow the diversity of cycling and quality of mountain bike communities

Our values:

  • Responsiblity - We ride, build and advocate responsibly and respectfully, and encourage and teach our community to do the same.
  • Protection - We work for access to public lands for mountain bikers. We value protecting wild places and believe mountain biking is a low-impact activity that aids in the protection of open space.
  • Partnerships - Cooperation and partnerships are key to our success. We strive to work collaboratively to ensure our efforts are positive and lasting.
  • Transformation - Our efforts are intended to transform and improve communities, economies and public lands for the long term.


IMBA is the worldwide leader in mountain bike advocacy and trail development—a space we have occupied since 1988 when IMBA was founded in the USA. In 2012, IMBA Europe was founded as a collective of European MTB advocacy groups, trail associations, trail builders, MTB regions and bicycle industry partners, spread over more than 20 countries. 

We are sharpening our focus to better help communities plan, develop and maintain close-to-home trail systems that enrich the outdoor recreation community at large. Our new focus is on creating and catalyzing more trails close to home. This effort is intended to serve mountain bikers as well as economic, health and quality-of-life needs of growing urban population centers, struggling industrial towns and everything in between.

IMBA Europe's current Board consist of:

  • Thomas Larsen Schmidt, Denmark, President
  • Kevin Mayne, Belgium, Secretary
  • Edoardo Melchiori, Italy, Treasurer
  • Raymond Cheminal, France, board member
  • Catherine Shearer, Scotland, board member

Honorary board member

  • Mike van Abel, USA 

IMBA Worldwide

Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, grassroots advocacy and innovative trail management solutions. IMBA's worldwide network counts more than 200 affiliated groups worldwide.

IMBA's global affiliates are IMBA Europe, IMBA Canada, IMBA Argentina, IMBA Espana, IMBA Italia and IMBA Schweiz. All affiliates are separate legal entities.

IMBA Europe's office is located in The Netherlands. Address: Deventerweg 2a, 3843 GD Harderwijk, The Netherlands