IMBA Europe’s mission is to improve people’s lives with better health, climate and economics through mountain biking. Our extensive network of National and Associate members across Europe support advocate for easy access to sustainable mountain bike and shared-use trails. As an umbrella organisation, IMBA Europe works to represent Europe as a mountain bike friendly place, by collaborating with our membership and partnerships on European initiatives and projects.


National members comprise the formal membership body of IMBA Europe and have voting rights at the general assembly. Please consult IMBA Europe to learn more about membership benefits, criteria and IMBA Europe goals before submitting the membership application form.

Associate members can be, regional trail associations, trail development groups, research institutes, bike friendly municipalities or e.g. National Parks. Associate members are entitled to attend the general assembly but don’t have voting rights.If your organisation is interested to join as associate member, please fill in our membership application form below and we will contact you to provide more information.

The Netherlands



National Member since 2012

De NTFU behartigt o.a. de belangen van mountainbikers en mountain bike verenigingen in Nederland. Door ons in te zetten voor verantwoord mountainbiken en een betere samenwerking en afstemming met terrein beherende organisaties, streven we naar een beter mountain bike klimaat in Nederland. De NTFU ondersteunt verenigingen door hen te adviseren bij het organiseren van mountain bike activiteiten of de aanleg van mountain bike routes. Waar nodig zullen we ook op bestuurlijk niveau of in de media onze stem laten horen om het belang van een ieder die de mountain bike sport een warm hart toedraagt te behartigen. Maar we stimuleren ook een actieve rol van mountainbikers zelf door bijvoorbeeld eens mee te werken aan het onderhouden of verbeteren van mountain bike routes. 


  • Een voor mountainbikers toegankelijke openbare (groene) ruimte dan wel bereikbare, attractieve en duurzame mountain bike routes
  • Een voor mountainbikers en overige weg/bosgebruikers veilige sportomgeving. Zowel fysiek als sociaal, zowel op de openbare weg als in het veld
  • Een positief (verbeterd) imago van de mountainbiker bij andere weggebruikers, recreanten, buitensporters, natuur beherende organisaties en overheden
  • Toestemming van wegbeheerders, overheden en terreinbeheerders om recreatieve mountainbike evenementen te organiseren







Associate member since 2019

Stichting Mountainbike Ontwikkeling Zuid-Limburg (MOZL) is the key player in the South Limburg MTB world and is the focal point for mountain bikers, MTB clubs, authorities, intermediary organizations, landowners, and nature conservation organizations. MOZL has been active since 2016 and aims to develop and facilitate a modern South Limburg and Euregional network of mountain bike trails, based on four pillars: nature, economy, recreation and sport. The synergy between these pillars, in combination with a cross-border ambition, is the starting point for all the MOZL initiatives.


MOZL acknowledges the great economic importance of the MTB sport and recreation for South Limburg. MOZL is also aware of the importance of facilitating a healthy living environment for children, adults, and families. In line with this, there’s the facilitation of the (MTB) top sport environment in South Limburg. Finally, the preservation and maintenance of nature on and around the MTB trails, including the supervisory role, are among the tasks assigned to MOZL. All these tasks are done in cooperation with the land owners, nature managers, and MTB clubs.


With its activities MOZL supports the provincial policy in the area of tourism, sports, and health. In recent years, MOZL has done a lot of work in South Limburg and has become a reliable partner and focal contact for the development of trails and as the advocate for the MTB sport in Limburg. MOZL relies on a large number of volunteers and a robust network in all sections of society – and that’s what we’re proud of!

For more information, visit the MOZL website 




IMBA Schweiz


 National member

Die IMBA Schweiz ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der sich für die nachhaltige Förderung des Mountainbike Breitensports auf nationaler Ebene in der Schweiz einsetzt.


Der Verein ist aus dem Bedürfnis nach einer Mountainbike-spezifischen Interessensvertretung auf nationaler Ebene entstanden. Für die Organisationsform wurden verschiedene Szenarien (Verein, Projektbasis etc.) skizziert und mit Organisationen aus Tourismus, Breitensport, Industrie, Umwelt und Planung diskutiert. Die Gründung eines Vereins zur Interessensvertretung und aktiven Förderung des Mountainbike Breitensports wurde weitgehend präferiert.


Die International Mountainbiking Association IMBA Schweiz stellt als gemeinnützige Non Profit Organisation die bisher fehlende Interessensvertretung und Ansprechbarkeit des Mountainbike Breitensports auf nationaler Ebene sicher. Sie ist strategisch der IMBA Europe ( angegliedert und somit auf europäischer Ebene gut vernetzt.

 More information on IMBA Switzerland below.







National member

Cykelfrämjandet is the Swedish national cycling advocacy organisation. We work to improve conditions for all cyclists in Sweden, and to convince more people to choose bicycles for everyday transportation needs, exercise, leisure activities and tourism.

Our organisation currently represents over 5000 members, from every province in the country. We are locally represented by 28 regional branches that strive for:

  • a network of well-maintained and direct cycling routes
  • safer traffic environments for cyclists
  • cycling education, both for school children and adults
  • building a community of active cyclists with regular gatherings
  • integration of bicycling with other sustainable modes of transportation

Cykelfrämjandet is a member of the European Cyclists’ FederationSvenskt Friluftsliv and IMBA Europe.

If you’re planning a bike trip in Sweden and want to combine cycling with rail transportation you can find information about taking bikes on trains here.

We’d love to hear from you, and are always open to sharing knowledge and ideas for collaboration and cooperation.

More information on Cykelframjandet below.





Mountain Bike Scåne

Associate member


Mountainbike Skåne is about realizing the vision of more trails and trails for trail cycling in Skåne, a regional network of trails open to all. We want cycling to be accessible, close to where you live. That Skåne should be experienced as a destination for trail cyclists where it is never far to the next trail, a destination that may be the first step to a major adventure around the world in the future.

The goal of the network is that there should be at least 500 km of trails and trails distributed on at least 25 trailheads around Skåne, all as part of a regional network open to all to use. This makes it easier to find out, around and home in a sustainable way, and offers opportunities for everyone to get out and try cycling in nature.

We want to contribute to increased collaboration between the public sector, the non-profit, the hospitality industry and companies that work with mountain bike development. If we can provide paths and trails for both recreation and tourism, it will in the long run strengthen sustainable and good relations with landowners, land managers and other interest groups who also want to enjoy and use the Scanian landscape.

We stand for a long-term sustainable and sustainable idea of ​​what mountain biking can do for a better Skåne to live and visit. In essence, this means that we only work with path development on land where we have agreements with the landowner, that we plan our trails and paths so they match their expectations, that they are planned in harmony with both nature and other interest groups.

We work with everything from major individual projects via our principal Stiftelsen Skånsk MTB Utveckling to organizing ourselves in the non-profit ranks and creating strong local working groups that promote development at the local level. The results of our path construction can then be freely used with the support of the right of public access. This is how we believe we can create sustainable development in Skåne.

The basis of our work is non-profit contributions in the form of time and commitment. Every small contribution makes a big difference to what we can achieve with the paths within the network. Feel free to support the work with a small contribution on Swish 123 279 93 51 or BG 240-4580

More information on Mountainbike Scåne below.





IMBA España


National member

Somos el representante de los intereses para los ciclistas de montaña en España.

Trabajamos para evitar el cierre de caminos teniendo como referente de la experiencia de IMBA en el ámbito internacional.

IMBA nace en España con el mismo espíritu que lo hizo en California en 1988. Un grupo de ciclistas de montaña, alarmados por la amenaza de cierre de caminos que surge en la Sierra de Guadarrama y conocedores de otros conflictos parecidos en la península se decide a crear IMBA España con el fin de defender un ciclismo sostenible, representar los intereses de los ciclistas de montaña ante la administración, y abogar por el entendimiento con otros grupos usuarios de la montaña.
Para lograr estos objetivos, contamos con:

La experiencia de IMBA, esencial para aprovechar la sinergias que puedan producirse y acceder a documentación y estudios que sirvan para apoyar nuestra argumentación en defensa del ciclismo de montaña.

Una creciente base de seguidores, indispensables para que seamos, efectivamente, un órgano representativo de los intereses de los ciclistas de montaña, y para que podamos recoger, a través de ellos, cualquier situación de amenaza para los ciclistas de montaña que pueda darse en España.

More information on IMBA Spain below.






Alliance Catalonia Trails & Nature


Associate member


The “Aliança Catalana Trails i Natura” (ACTN) promotes Catalonia as one of the regions in Europe where there are the best possibilities to practice MTB throughout the year.

Mission of the organization:
Facilitate and promote the practice of MTB as a sports, recreational and touristic activity throughout the Catalan territory following the criteria for access to natural spaces established by IMBA-Europe and in collaboration with IMBA-Spain. To achieve its goals, the association carries out the following activities:
– Act as an intermediary between the different initiatives of local groups (clubs/associations/companies) and the official institutions and eventual land-managers or land-owners.
– As far as possible, facilitate the access of local groups to both public (e.g. subsidies) and private funding.
– Disseminate and promote good practices for the creation and maintenance of Trails in the natural space where MTB is practiced.
– Disseminate scientific studies on the real impact of the MTB on the natural environment. Disseminate and promote the code of good behaviour established by IMBA-Europe for MTB practitioners in particular, and all users of Trails in natural areas in general.
Act as a spokesperson for the entire community practicing the sport MTB in Catalonia, excluding all competitive practices, which are under the domain of the Catalan Cycling Federation (FCC).


Contact information:

Phone number (+ country code): +34 649 019 750





National Member since 2014

 Slovenska kolesarska mreža je interesno združenje, ki pod svoje okrilje vključuje različne posameznike in organizacije z namenom razvoja kolesarske panoge v Sloveniji. Želimo si iskati skupne točke z vsemi različnimi oblikami kolesarjenja; bodisi, da gre za turistično, gorsko, rekreativno ali urbano kolesarjenje. Zanima nas razvoj na vseh omenjenih področjih. Še bolj pa nas zanima povezovanje, saj lahko s skupnimi močmi veliko več naredimo.


More information on SLOVENSKA KOLESARSKA MREŽA below






Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland


Associate member

About DMBinS

Joining IMBA Europe in 2021, Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland is a partnership project, hosted within Scottish Cycling, which is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the world’s first national strategic framework for mountain biking in Scotland.

The national strategy for mountain biking in Scotland, 2019-2025 has an ambitious vision for Scotland to be European leaders in the sport. With a mission by 2025 to increase annual trips on a mountain bike to 2m – an increase of 33%, have a world champion or series winner in every discipline and grow the economic contribution to £157m GVA per annum – an increase of 51%. 

The original framework was launched in 2010 and was  refreshed from 2016 to 2018.

On a day-to-day basis the DMBinS project provides a strategic approach to facility development, helps co-ordinate activity, ensure best practice is spread, delivers key projects and helps maximise the potential of mountain biking in Scotland.

Find out more about DMBinS






New Horizons


Associate member

Who are we?

We innovate and support models of education through experience, which empower young people to develop themselves, the community and the world in which they live.


With their help, children and young people between the ages of 11 and 19 become more involved, more responsible and more self-confident. They acquire values, attitudes and skills that can really help them in life.

Our vision

A society in which children and young people grow up in fertile soil, fulfill their potential and use it to develop the community and the world in which they live.


We believe in the transformative power of experiential education and in the ability of educators and leaders in organizations and communities to support young people to become better, stronger, wiser.


Young people we work with:

Community service projects challenge young people to look around, identify problems, and find ways to solve them on their own.

This is how young people become responsible for the community in which they live.


Able to argue their views and make decisions in favor of those around them, ready to take an active role, confident in their own strengths, confident that together they can bring about change, aware of the process of personal development they go through , young people come to understand volunteering as a resource; they perceive its long-term stakes, including the challenges of working life.


More information on New Horizons below. 






National member since 2018

The Portuguese Cycling Federation is responsible for cycling in all its forms, including leisure & recreation. It is also the Institution that regulates official MTB centres in Portugal.The vision/mission of the national “Cycling For All” Programme is:

“To promote bicycle usage and cycling, in its different forms, mobilizing communities, sports agents and other public and private Institutions, in all national territory; promote physical activity, sustainable and healthy lifestyles, fulfilling sportive and social role of cycling, making cycling increasingly easier to practice by anyone, everywhere, anytime.”

The main areas of activity and interest in this issue are:

  • develop and promote safe, quality trails, and safety among trail users
  • long-term economical and environmental sustainability in MTB trail and centres usage and leisure events
  • increasing MTB cyclists, clubs and practice

More information on The Portuguese Cycling Federation below




Associate member since 2015

 “A Associação Trilhos da Boa Viagem, é uma associação de carácter desportivo, recreativo, cultural, ecológico e educativo.

Foi idealizada por um grupo de amigos praticantes de BTT com o intuito de melhorar as condições para a prática do mesmo, nos trilhos a que chamamos o nosso “quintal”. Para além deste enfoco mais provinciano, faz parte dos nossos ideais embrionários a criação de sinergias com diferentes associações semelhantes à nossa, com o intuito de criar uma rede de conhecimentos a nível nacional. Pois como diz o velho adágio, a união faz a força.

Tendo como guia as linhas mestres da IMBA, e nunca esquecendo os outros usufrutuários dos mesmos trilhos, tem por objetivos:

  • Congregar os simpatizantes e promover a prática da BTT;
  • Promover valores de respeito pela Natureza, preservando o espaço verde;
  • Formação de camadas jovens;
  • Criar condições para o desenvolvimento e manutenção de trilhos e infraestruturas;

“A vida é como andar de bicicleta. A fim de manter o seu equilíbrio, você deve manter-se em movimento.”- Albert Einstein”

Find out more about ATBV below:






Associate member since 2019

ATBM Website



POMBA- Polish Mountain Bikers Alliance


POMBA, czyli Polish Mountain Bikers Alliance, to po prostu sojusz rowerzystów, którzy chcą, by w Polsce jeździło się lepiej. Kochamy rowery górskie, lubimy jeździć po dobrych trasach i uważamy, że nie trzeba jechać w ich poszukiwaniu za granicę – tereny w Polsce mają ogromny potencjał, trzeba tylko skoordynować siły i stworzyć dobrą infrastrukturę.


Zauważyliśmy ostatnio, że wiele gmin dostrzega potencjał w górskiej turystyce rowerowej i inwestuje w ścieżki czy challenge parki. Ale nie wiedzą oni nic o zrównoważonych trasach rowerowych, zatrudniają firmy bez doświadczenia w budowaniu infrastruktury rowerowej, co skutkuje niską jakością.


W Europie i Ameryce Północnej istnieją organizacje, które służą wiedzą i koordynują tego typu działania. W Polsce ich brakuje, co my, jako użytkownicy nieudanych inwestycji, odczuwamy na własnej skórze. W środowisku rowerowym jesteśmy od dawna, zdobyliśmy już doświadczenie w organizowaniu zlotów, szkoleń techniki jazdy, zawodów, a także budowaniu zrównoważonych tras rowerowych. Dlatego postanowiliśmy założyć organizację, która przy współpracy z IMBA (International Mountaibiking Association) oraz polskimi władzami pomoże zmienić Polskę w kraj przyjazny kolarzom górskim.


Na początku działaliśmy lokalnie w Sudetach jako Fundacja Rowerowe Sudety. Jednak bardzo szybko postanowiliśmy rozszerzyć obszar naszej działalności na całą Polskę i przy współpracy z IMBA działać jako POMBA

 More information on POMBA below



NOTS – Norsk Organisasjon for Terrengsykling


National Member since 2012

Norsk Organisasjon for Terrengsykling er en politisk uavhengig organisasjon som ble startet i 2004. NOTS ble startet av en gruppe terrengsyklister som ser behovet for en nasjonal organisasjon som ivaretar alle terrengsyklisters interesser.

Grusvei, sti, North Shore eller høye dropp? Det spiller ingen rolle. NOTS skal representere alle som definerer seg som terrengsyklister. Vi som ferdes på to hjul utenfor asfalt har alle en felles interesse i å sikre våre rettigheter og muligheter.

Norske syklister er gjennom allemannsretten sikret rettigheter som er helt unike i verdenssammenheng. Likevel ser vi stadig eksempler på holdninger og vedtak som søker å innskrenke disse.

Vi ser skogsområder som egner seg ypperlig til terrengsykling forfalle eller omreguleres. Vi hører om konflikter mellom syklister og andre brukergrupper som gående og skiløpere, og vi hører forslag om å begrense de områder som syklister lovlig kan ferdes i.

NOTS skal være en motvekt til andre brukergrupper i marka, som sikrer at bestemmende myndigheter tar våre meninger og behov på alvor. Vi ønsker også å øke forståelsen for vår aktivitet hos dem som ikke deler vår entusiasme for sykling utenfor allfarvei. Ikke minst ønsker vi å sørge for at vi syklister selv tar hensyn til dem vi møter på vår vei og til naturen vi ferdes i.

Dette vil vi oppnå gjennom aktivt opplysningsarbeid, vedlikeholdsarbeid i turområder og deltakelse i politiske prosesser som berører utøvelse av terrengsykling.

More information on NOTS click here



Associate member since 2019

OFT is an association with 6 municipalities in the Hallingdal region as their members. These municipalities are working together in the Tråkk ‘n’ Roll project. The collective aims to create growth in the region through the development of mountain biking as a sustainable value creator. OFT has developed the strategy and master plans for the region and helped to establish the country’s leading trail builder industry.

The development of new trails and arenas has gained momentum throughout the region, the Tråkk ‘n’ Roll project will ensure that future development takes place in a sustainable and safe way, and that the entire Hallingdal region  will build a vibrant mountain bike culture& strengthen the services delivered to mountain bikers.




Northern Ireland

Grassroots Mountainbikers Trail Association


Associate member since 2021

Who established Grassroots?

Grassroots was formed by local mountain bikers, who were growing increasingly frustrated at the poor quality of local trail centres, the persecution of riders who built wild natural trails and the overall lack of representation to articulate the views of local riders when it came to addressing the current and future needs of mountain bikers.  A few founding members called a meeting and were pleasantly surprised at the huge gathering of nearly 200 mountain bikers who turned up to voice similar concerns and demand change urging the establishment of a truly representative organisation to be the voice of local mountain bikers.  The name ‘Grassroots’ was chosen during the inaugural meeting as it exemplified our ethos and the fact that we are all volunteer riders and builders with a passion for quality trails and a passionate desire to seek recognition for our natural trails.

The aims and objectives of Grassroots to be:

  • To lobby for and represent Mountainbikers across Ireland
  • To offer encourage best practice and sustainable trail building techniques
  • To build capacity amongst Mountainbikers by providing support, knowledge, expertise and passion especially where none exists
  • To encourage those building trails and riding trails to do in harmony and agreement with landowners
  • To build develop and manage suitable and sustainable trails
  • To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club
  • To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone

More information about Grassroots Mountainbikers Trail Association below


Cavehill Mountainbikers


Associate member


More information on Cavehill Mountainbikers below





Macedonian Mountain Bike Association (MAMBA)


National Member

Macedonian Mountain Bike Association (MAMBA) is a non profit organization founded in 2018 with its main offices in Skopje, N.Macedonia. Formed by few cycling organizations that have existed for more then 20 years, MAMBA’s main mission is to promote sport, healthy lifestyle and alternative tourism through cycling. Working closely with local municipalities, partners and other organizations

MAMBA strives to increase the infrastructure and awareness of cycling as base for our future lifestyle. Building trails, trail markings, guide education, support for various competitions and lobbying for more cycling resources are just some of the activities we do throughout N.Macedonia. MAMBA strives to be the umbrella organization working for the benefit of all people in N.Macedonia. Besides direct contributors such as sports and cycling organizations

MAMBA also supports and cooperates with other entities that indirectly have benefit from or where cycling is part of their daily operations such as hotels, travel agencies, educational institutions and etc. MAMBA is an organization opened to anyone that would like to join and contribute to its mission and objectives to promote and lobby for cycling as necessity in our daily life.


IMBA Italy


National Member

IMBA Italia is a nonprofit organization working to ensure access to high-quality sustainable mountain bike trails both close to home and in well-known tourist destinations. We support IMBA Europe’s vision to get more people on bikes through sustainable mountain biking and we will cooperate closely to achieve that goal.

Since 2014, IMBA Italia has trained hundreds of volunteers and aspiring professionals on sustainable trail construction through several trail building schools and workshops. To achieve our mission, we cooperate closely with National Parks, tourism offices, public entities, Regions, and local clubs in their efforts to maintain and improve the vast and often historic trail networks. We also share the safety rules of the trail to promote the peaceful coexistence of different user groups on shared paths.

More information on IMBA Italy below.







Happy Trails


Associate member

A passion for the outdoors and mountain biking, respect for nature and caring for the fellow travellers, adequate nutrition and healthy: these are our values.

Happy Trail MTB is an amateur sports association created to promote the aggregation of people with a common passion for mountain biking, for life in the open air, for travel by bicycle. Since 2011 Mountain Bike School and Cycling School of the Italian Cycling Federation , the first in the Bolognese Apennines.

HAPPY TRAIL MTB  is a founding member of  IMBA EU since its foundation in 2010 and represented IMBA in Italy until 2020, after which I MBA Italy was established as an independent entity and with a new management.

To promote the bicycle as a sustainable and ecological means of transport, suitable for slow tourism, since 2014 the Association has joined the FIAB (Italian Federation of the Environment and Bicycle), of which it is the Alto Reno Section of FIAB Bologna Monte Sole Bike Group .

The association is based in Porretta Terme in the Bolognese Apennines and manages a school camp for learning the technique of mountain biking. The activities are carried out without a border limit throughout the territory of the Middle and Upper Rhine, within the Regional Parks and outside the region in nearby Tuscany.

We organize all year round:

  •  MTB courses for children and adults:

for boys the basic techniques with the patents SQUIRREL – HARE – ROE – WOLF and start to competition

for adults, advanced driving techniques courses, basic and advanced level

  •  Bike shuttle service for excursions;
  •  Cycle excursions to discover the area and good food;
  •  School project “On the good road by bicycle” for road education aimed at primary and secondary school pupils

Find out more about Happy Trails below







MAKETUSZ – Hungarian Cycle Tourism Association


National Member

The Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association (hungarian acronym MAKETUSZ) was founded in 2017 in order to provide professional and operative support for sustainable cycling tourism development in Hungary. MAKETUSZ is a federation, the numbers of member organisations is slowly increasing year by year (currently 48). The member organisations are mainly NGOs, but also nonprofit companies, other associations and local authorities, too.

One of the main projects of  MAKETUSZ is organising a one-week cycling camp for schoolchildrens (10-18 yo.) – cca. 5000 participants per year.

Other activities include:

  • we take part in planning of the cycling infrastructure, with reviews and fieldworks, sharing tourists‘ experiences withthe planners;
  • in cooperation with our members and regional development organisations we develop cycling tourism in some tourism destinations in Hungary;
  • we act as link between the cycling tourism market and the decision makers;
  • we provide support for cycling developers with professional know-how and methods;
  • we organise cycling raise awareness programmes and promotional activities, cycle tour for beginners;
  • we are one of the members of the NECC consortium of Hungary
  • we are involved in cycling route projects as consultant and we also plan signed cycling routes and trails in Hungary






National Member

We are a non-profit association with the aim of disseminating and promoting mountain biking, as well as the opening and maintenance of sustainable bike trails, with reference to the cyclist, respect the environment and nature.


The main objectives of the Association are:


  • The dissemination and promotion of the sport of mountain biking in all its forms.
  • Safeguard and enhance trail access, building & maintenance of mountain bike paths
  • Learning safe mountain bike riding and promoting trail courtesy among mountain bicyclist and other people using the mountains and nature.
  • Familiarity with the mountains and forests, caring for the protection and transmission of love for the environment and mountain biking
  • Cooperation with relevant government departments, agencies and sports clubs. Both Greek and foreign to promote the objectives of the association.





DIMBDie Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike e.V. 


National member

Die Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike e.V. (DIMB) besteht seit 1992 und wurde von Mountainbikerinnen und -bikern, Produzenten von Fahrrädern, Komponentenherstellern und Händlern als gemeinnütziger Verein gegründet. Wir zählen heute mehr als 120.000 Mitglieder (Stand Januar 2024) und sind einer der am schnellsten wachsenden Verbände in Deutschland.

Wir sind die gesamtdeutsche Interessenvertretung für Mountainbiker, die auf die speziellen Anforderungen und Bedürfnisse dieser Sparte des Radsports eingeht. Wir werden als kompetenter Gesprächspartner ernst genommen, denn wir legen großen Wert auf sachliche und professionelle Arbeit!

Unser übergeordnetes, gemeinsames Ziel ist es, unseren Sport zu fördern. Dazu gehören die direkte Lobbyarbeit sowie auch die Arbeit in Gremien und Verbänden, um bei gesetzlichen Regelungen oder in Vereinbarungen die Interessen von Bikern jeder Couleur zu vertreten. Egal ob Tourenfahrer, Family-Biker, Kids, Racer, Freerider, Downhiller oder Dirtbiker – bei uns finden alle eine Heimat und ein offenes Ohr mit viel Unterstützung. Weitere wichtige Aufgabenfelder der DIMB sind die Ausbildung von zertifizierten MTB-Guides, Schulung von Instruktoren für unser Jugendprogramm „NatureRide – Kids on bike”, wir helfen bei der Legalisierung von MTB-Strecken und zertifizieren Premium-Biketrails, um nur die wichtigsten Aufgaben zu nennen. Details siehe „Aktivitäten”.

Um unsere Ziele zu realisieren, haben wir starke Partner an unserer Seite. 


  • des Kuratorium Sport und Natur
  • der International Mountain Bicycling Association 
  • kooperieren mit dem Bund Deutscher Radfahrer
  • kooperieren mit dem Deutschen Alpenverein

Die Natur ist die maßgebliche Grundlage zur Ausübung unseres Sports – ihr Schutz und Erhalt sind zentrale Elemente der Arbeit unseres Verbands. Zu diesem Zweck arbeiten wir mit Naturschutzverbänden zusammen und bemühen uns stark um einen Interessensausgleich zwischen uns Sportlern, dem Forst und dem Naturschutz. Die Aktivitäten unseres Vereins haben stets den Umweltbelange im Blickfeld und werden mit viel Verantwortung unserer Umwelt gegenüber ausgeführt, Mitglieder der DIMB sind gleichsam in diesem Sinne sensibilisiert.

Ebenso wie der Schutz unserer Natur liegt uns die soziale Verträglichkeit bei der Ausübung unseres Sports am Herzen. Wir treten ein für ein friedliches und respektvolles Miteinander zwischen Mountainbikern und anderen Wald- bzw. Naturnutzern. Jedes unserer Mitglieder erklärt sich satzungsgemäß mit unseren Verhaltensregeln zur Ausübung des Mountainbikens im öffentlichen Raum einverstanden.

More information on DIMB below.




Mountain Bikers Foundation


National member

La Mountain Bikers Foundation est une association nationale. Elle a pour but de promouvoir la pratique d’un VTT durable et responsable. Elle réalise de nombreuses actions pour les sentiers.

Association nationale pour le développement durable et responsable du VTT, la MBF regroupe des vététistes de tout bords.

La Mountain Bikers Foundation vise à regrouper tous les acteurs du VTT sous la bannière du développement durable de cette activité.

La MBF poursuit trois objectifs :

  • la sauvegarde de l’accès aux sentiers,
  • la sensibilisation des pratiquants et des autres usagers,
  • le développement qualitatif des lieux de pratique du VTT.

Nous conduisons des actions auprès des vététistes pour les sensibiliser dans leur pratique et leurs actions locales, ainsi qu’auprès des institutions pour les aider dans leurs réflexions et éviter des interdictions de pratique par manque de connaissance.

L’ensemble de nos actions est en accord avec la charte MBF.

La Mountain Bikers Foundation est une association apolitique, non partisane, qui a pour unique vocation de rassembler toutes les bonnes volontés désireuses de contribuer à leur échelle, à un développement harmonieux du VTT et à la préservation de ses intérêts, dans le respect des autres et de l’environnement. La MBF est ouverte à toute personne physique ou morale : entreprises, associations, collectifs, professionnels, particuliers


DGI- Danish Sports Federations


National Member sinde 2019


DGI is the Danish Sports Federations and works purposefully to strengthen exercise and grassroots sports in Denmark. Together with the local sports associations, DGI develop concepts and activities based on the needs and opportunities of their members and because they believe in the joy of sports and in the strength of the association community.


DGI is a non-profit organization that for more than 150 years has worked closely with the associations to make Danes more active. Today, DGI counts more than 6,300 associations and 100,000 volunteer enthusiasts. As one of the country’s largest suppliers of courses, DGI makes more than 50,000 Danes wiser about both themselves and sports every year. DGI Outdoor focues on all outdoor sports in Denmark, including (grassroots) mountain biking.

More information on DGI below.







Associate member since 2019


Driving force behind the Viborg Trail Arena is the Association Viborg Trail Arena, a collaborative partnership of 11 different groups. Viborg Trail Arena is involved in the implementation of public and voluntary projects and coordinates the development and maintenance of the Viborg MTB trail network.

Key objectives of the non-profit association are:


  • Workshops with the best track builders in collaboration with i.a. Danish Cycling Union, Track and Nature Committee
  • Develop voluntary Danish track builders’ competencies within MTB track design and track building via workshops
  • Show that good MTB tracks can be made in all terrain types – not just hilly nature of high natural value
  • Support and further develop a vibrant track builder culture


More information on Viborg trail arena below here

Czech Republic


O nás

  • Jsme neziskovou organizací, která sdružuje vyznavače jízdy na horských kolech všech výkonostních skupin a disciplín (dále jen terénní cyklisty).
  • Aktivně se podílíme na udržování ideálních podmínek pro tuto činnost v České republice, přičemž přinášíme prospěch široké veřejnosti.
  • Bojujeme za udržení stávajícího stavu a se sítí dobrovolníků se snažíme o to, aby jízda na horském kole i nadále přinášela radost široké skupině uživatelů cest a stezek.
  • Naše činnost je založena na kvalifikovaném a odborném přístupu a klade důraz na zodpovědné a ohleduplné chování k přírodě, lidem i majetku.


Chceme být silnou a respektovanou oborovou organizací, sdružující a zastupující terénní cyklisty, která dokáže efektivně hájit jejich práva a zájmy a přinášet lepší podmínky pro terénní cyklistiku v České republice.

Cíle a činnosti

  • významné rozšíření členské základny, větší zapojení aktivních členů do dění
  • biková advokacie, lobbing za zájmy terénních cyklistů, jednání se státní správou a dalšími subjekty
  • aktivní vystupování proti možnému zhoršování podmínek pro terénní cyklisty, ochrana práva přístupu na stávající síť cest a stezek
  • mapování tras pro terénní cyklistiku a jejich proznačení
  • podpora projektů, které mají příznivý dopad na případné zlepšení podmínek pro terénní cyklistiku
  • snaha o změnu vnímání pohybu terénních cyklistů v přírodě, a to jak v krajině bez stupně ochrany, tak v některých chráněných oblastech
  • rovnocenné právo terénních cyklistů na rekreační využití krajiny


ČeMBA vznikla v roce 2007 v důsledku potřeby subjektu, který by mohl jednat se státem, samosprávou, ochranou přírody, lesníky a dalšími institucemi při řešení problematiky terénní cyklistiky a vytváření podmínek pro ni.

V následujících letech se ČeMBA podařilo získat renomé u státní správy a laické veřejnosti a rozjet několik významných projektů (Lesní stezky, Bajková školka, Singltrek pod Smrkem atd.).

Během roku 2010 bohužel došlo z několika důvodů, ať již to byly některé aktivity bývalého vedení ČeMBA, nebo neshody s oponenty sdružení, k jistému zdiskreditování asociace, a došlo k výraznému poklesu jejího kreditu, odstoupení některých partnerů a aktivnímu vystoupení části členské základny proti těmto činnostem. Situace vyústila v pokus o likvidaci sdružení ze strany bývalého vedení. Členská základna se však tomuto jednání postavila a zvolila nové vedení, které se snaží navázat na dosavadní činnost ČeMBA a upevnit její důvěryhodnost u veřejnosti a partnerů.


BBK Mountain Bike Cycling Club Grožnjan


Associate member

Mountain Bike Cycling Club “Grožnjan” was founded by the will and desire of several fans of mountain biking, in order to start competing in XC races and create a foundation for the popularization of this sport in our area and certainly advertise on It will be an area as a cycling destination.

The club was founded on 03.03.2010. based in Grožnjan a small town in the north of Istria, best known for its music and art scenery, and our desire is to be recognizable for mountain biking as the terrain configuration is ideal for such a sport.

Immediately after the establishment, BBK organized the first bicycle race called “Let’s Revive the End”, which was attended by about a hundred participants. After that, several members started competing in the XC races in Buzet, Učka, Pazin and Lokve, achieving solid results.

In addition, BKK has a number of IRTA trained Bike Guides. More information on Mountain biking Grožnjan Club below





Associate member

The association was founded on November 27, 2004 by the founding assembly in Brod na Kupa.
The long-standing wish of a great lover of Brod na Kupa and the Cup, Davorin Klobučar , as a passionate athlete from an early age, a famous first league basketball player from the best days of Rijeka basketball, a great lover of nature and today a sports and tourism animator, was to found such an association that would be the carrier sports, tourism and ecology in the area of ​​the Kupa Valley.

The main task of the Association is to bring together all the inhabitants of the Kupska Valley and to raise the quality of life in these areas through sports, recreation, tourism and environmental events.

The association is called “KUPA” – because Kupa is a symbol of life in those areas and the most beautiful childhoods were spent right next to that beauty – KUPA.

The headquarters of the Association is in Brod na Kupa, Kralja Tomislava 18.



Riders United Bulgaria

Associate member

Who we are?

Riders United is a professional bike club founded in 2013. In the last few years we managed to have one of the biggest and prospering mountain bike clubs in Bulgaria with many riders in any ages, national champions and members in the whole country and for the first time in history of Bulgarian cycling, Bulgarian rider (Izabela Yankova) won the World championships, European championships and World cup in season 2021.

Additional the professional racing part of the sport, we also have big experience and passion in the trail building and trails maintenance.

Through the years our team made a lot for the Bulgarian mountain bike scene, we are the founders of two of the specialized bike parks in Bulgaria and organizers of the biggest and traditional bike events, also we take care of lots different type of trails in the whole country.

We have worked on many interesting projects in the years and one of the biggest steps we made for the Bulgarian mountain biking was in 2013 when we managed to legalize more than 200 km trails in Vitosha Nature Park. Vitosha is one of the most popular and daily visited mountains, because it’s located above Sofia city – the Bulgarian capital with around 2 million citizens. We also have build the first and unfortunately the last 4X track in Bulgaria, where was hold the European 4X championships in 2013 and the final round of 4X Pro tour in 2014.

Our main projects and trails we have built and which we are currently taking care of:

Sofia (Bulgarian capitol) – 3 trails with a total length of 11 km

Smolyan – 10 trails with a total length of 30 km

Pamporovo Bike Park – 10 trails with a total length of 20 km

Yambol (city bike park) – 8 trails with a total length of 7 km

Our mission

Our main purpose is the growing of Bulgarian mountain bike scene – to have more people riding, more trails around the country, more events – national and international, more public information for the sport and the safety way for practice and everything part of the bike culture.

Follow us:




National member

The mountains are the heritage and responsibility of all users, for this reason AMBA, the Andorra Mountain Bike Association has been created. AMBA’s aim is to represent and give visibility to Andorran mountain bikers by ensuring and expanding sustainable access to trails for cyclists, integrating mountain biking with the area and local communities.

AMBA aims to promote the development of sustainable trails and infrastructures to make the practice of mountain biking accessible to everyone. It’s important to seek balance between the expansion of the sport and the environment and secure it’s managed in the best way possible to enjoy the best MTB experience in the long term. AMBA will work with all the Communities, the Ministry of the Environment, landowners and other user groups for the sustainability and preservation of existing trails and future options for new trails.

Our goals & activities

  • Become bike friendly – We collaborate with the development of active tourism to improve the visitor experience. We offer advice to hotels, companies and institutions.
  • Care of our trails -We help to ensure that trails are built and maintained by the right people in the right places. Expert maintenance is essential to avoid soil erosion or accidents. AMBA promotes awareness campaigns and through the Take Care of Your Trails event tge association promotes trail maintenance sessions with volunteers.
  • sport, health and mobility – Mountain biking and e-biking are among the most popular activities in the country. We work to offer accessible routes for all levels, helping to improve health and mobility, taking care of the environment.