IMBA Europe is a widespread collective of MTB advocacy groups, trail associations, professional trail builders, MTB regions and bicycle industry partners. As an umbrella organisation, cooperation through memberships and partnerships are key to our success and the most efficient and effective way to achieve our goals and ensure our efforts are positive and long-lasting. We facilitate knowledge flow, provide professional training and trail development assistance, coordinate European wide campaigns or research and build strong relationships with decision-makers. IMBA Europe acts as an intermediary and is the only organisation that represents grassroots mountain biking at the EU level. Being a non-profit association also enables us to apply for EU funding and join other project consortiums.

Europe has several national mountain bicycling associations whose mission it is to safeguard trail access, promote sustainable trail development, volunteer stewardship and stimulate recreational mountain biking on the national level.

They are Europe’s key to success and an important link to increase grassroots capacity. Therefore, support your national mountain biking association as a club or individual member and become part of the European mountain biking community.


Membership is open to nationally operating mountain bicycling organisations in Europe which have an interest in trail access advocacy, sustainable trail development and promoting mountain biking. National members comprise the formal membership body of IMBA Europe and have voting rights at the general assembly. Please consult IMBA Europe to learn more about membership benefits, criteria and IMBA Europe goals before submitting the membership application form.



IMBA Europe’s Associate Membership category is for non-profits organisations and/or public administrations involved or interested in advocacy, knowledge sharing, sustainable trail development and/or promoting mountain biking at grassroots level. These kind of organisations typically don’t operate nationwide. They rather have a more regional focus. Associate members can be, regional trail associations, trail development groups, research institutes, bike friendly municipalities or e.g. National Parks. Associate members are entitled to attend the general assembly but don’t have voting rights. If your organisation is interested to join as associate member, please fill in our membership application form below and we will contact you to provide more information.


A dedicated community for municipalities,  DMO’s, regions,  National Tourism Boards, forestry services and trail centres. The IMBA Europe HUB enables promoters of mountain biking to have a shared group, to facilitate best practice sharing and over time to strengthen relations within the whole of the mountain biking stakeholder community.

Community members cooperate in identifying and addressing the main challenges in the subject area in the interests of mountain biking and for the wider societal, policy and business benefits identified in IMBA EU’s vision and mission.

The IMBA Europe Membership Charter


Protect. Preserve. Enhance.


Before joining our network, we ask all new members to please read through and accept our ‘Membership Charter’ agreement. This document encompasses the mission and values of IMBA Europe  as well as practical information on the benefits to joining our community.