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Corporate partner support is key to advancing IMBA’s mission and core initiatives. Joining or donating to IMBA’s work is a simple and effective way to guarantee a bright future for mountain biking. Show your customers that you care about mountain biking by supporting its growth, progression and acceptance.

Why support advocacy


Trails are the backbone of mountain bike communities and businesses. Legitimate access to sustainable trails close to where people live are preconditions to practice and promote mountain biking and to fully develop its social, economic and health value. With exception of Scotland and some Scandinavian countries, trail access for mountain bikers is often not as obvious as it seems and, in many cases, it’s not a legal right but a privilege only obtained by tireless advocacy work. To create and catalyze more trails close to homes and to preserve and enhance responsible trail access, we have to keep working with governments, municipalities, land management and nature protection agencies to ensure mountain bikers are considered on a level playing field against other outdoor activities or land use practices.

So why support advocacy as a business? IMBA’s philosophy is simple. Advocacy and trail development initiatives serve mountain biking in general with positive impact on the mid and long term as it comes to increased participation, sales and individual health. We’re in this together and therefore we do not only appeal to our member network of national mountain bike association but also ask support of the bike industry and related service providers. Building a large, strong and engaged mountain bike community is considered as a shared responsibility.

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