“Advocating for better access in Europe since 2012”

Access = Advocacy work, activism, and dedicated passionate volunteers

The focus of IMBA Europe is to help mountain bike communities in Europe better plan, develop and maintain close-to-home trail systems that enrich the outdoor recreation community at large. Working alongside our members and networks we are intent on creating and catalysing more trails close to home. This effort is intended to serve not only mountain bikers, but to add economic value to local communities; better health and quality-of-life as the need for green spaces increases with the continued growth of the urban sprawl.

What are we advocating for?


1) Mountain biking for everyone – Mountain biking as a solution to better inclusion & diversity, health, sustainability and economics of communities.

2) Creating better access close to home and destinations that excite.

3) Building strong and vibrant mountain bike communities

4) Sustainable riding and trail building

“Equity of opportunity to participate in mountain biking”


Our ambitions

Education-  Development of sound research which supports advocacy goals and provides user-friendly resources for members and related stakeholders. Increase and build further capacity for MTB advocacy in Europe through knowledge sharing.

Research- Development of structured analysis, intelligence and research which supports advocacy goals and provides resources for a wide group of stakeholders. 

Collaboration- Collaboration with members, partners, stakeholders, and decision makers to achieve respective and shared goals. 

Policy- Actively participate and contribute to relevant EU expert working groups to increase investment and acceptance of mountain biking in policy making decisions.

“Preserving & protecting the places we love to ride”