Announcing the hosts of our 2023 Summit…

9 December 2022

Announcing the hosts of our 2023 Summit…

Vivabike Valposchiavo, Switzerland


We are thrilled to announce the host for the 2023 IMBA Europe Summit – Vivabike Valposchiavo (Switzerland) from 1 – 3 June 2023.  Valposchiavo is described by the hosts as a small valley that lies somewhere between Switzerland, Italy and the vastness of the sky.


“2’000 meters of altitude difference over a length of 25 km… 94% organic …and 100% Valposchiavo”.


Why Valposchiavo?

Sustainability is at the core of everything they do in Valposhiavo, from the restoration and maintenance of trails, to managing tourism and agriculture. Vivabike Valposchiavo strives to expand their mountain biking offer in Valposchiavo without creating new trails. In order to do this, they rely on what they call, ‘trail recycling’, which is recycling historic paths that are hardly used today, but which can be very exciting as bike trails.

In 2021 Vivabike Valposchiavo were the winners of the Take Care of Your Trails  ‘Most Innovative Crew’ award, for their innovation in trail maintenance and means in how they recruit and engage volunteers in trail maintenance.


Last year our Trail Care Crew was awarded the IMBA-TCoYT Most Innovative Trail Crew Award. So we are very happy to host the IMBA Europe Summit 23 and share our idea of trail recycling and sustainable biking with bikers, trail specialists, tourism experts and mountain lovers from all over Europe…. and yes, besides discussing and riding our natural trails, we will also have time to enjoy the delicious local dishes. 


Kaspar Howald – Director of Valposchiavo tourism


Find out more about why Vivabike Valposchiavo won TCoYT ‘Most innovative crew’  award here



More information coming to your inboxes in early 2023…