Call for abstracts – IMBA Europe Summit

26 January 2023

Call for abstracts – IMBA Europe Summit

Off the beaten track

We invite you to submit an abstract(s) for the IMBA Europe annual summit in Valposchiavo, Switzerland, June 1st-3rd. In order to be able to showcase a wide variety of relevant, interactive and engaging presentations during the IMBA Europe Summit, we are encouraging people to submit a presentation, story, (research) project, intervention, or practical session idea to reflect upon our main Summit theme and subthemes. The format of the Summit will include two full days of plenary sessions, breakouts and outdoor interventions divided into two sub themes – Tourism and Trails on Thursday and Participation and Community on Friday. The Summit will finish off on International Bicycle Day, Saturday June 3rd with a full day of riding at the Vivabike Valposchiavo Bike Festival.

More detailed information on ticket pricing, travel advice, program and activities will be published in the coming weeks on the IMBA Europe Summit landing page.

***The submission deadline for abstracts is February 28th

Theme: Off the beaten track

“Off the beaten track is a travel idiom that describes an unusual route, or rarely travelled to destination, but can also be interpreted as someone who is attempting to shun a frequently utilised belief or daily routine”

Valposchiavo is the ideal setting for the theme of the upcoming 11th IMBA Europe Summit – Off the beaten track. As described by the hosts of this year’s Summit, Valposchiavo lies somewhere between Switzerland, Italy and the sky.  Sustainability is at the core of everything they do in Valposchiavo, from the restoration and maintenance of trails, to managing tourism and agriculture. A destination that is truly off the beaten track.

The main theme of the summit “Off the beaten track” is about challenging the preconceived ideas of what mountain biking is and for whom. It’s rethinking our relationships with nature and how we use the word ‘sustainability’ in everything we do- from trails, to tourism, rural development, the way we travel to participation and behaviour. It’s about reflecting upon the level of use that an area can receive without suffering negative impacts to its environmental resources or the visitor experience.

How to submit your abstract:

In order to submit your abstract, you will need to complete the following;

  • Choose a subtheme
  • Decide on a format
    • Lectures 
    • Poster presentations
    • Master classes
    • Storytelling 
    • Practical demonstrations
    • Round table discussion
    • Fast pedal talks (Pechakucha)
  • Prepare a 200 word summary of your presentation, class, demonstration etc
  • Attach any necessary links to your work.

More detailed information about submitting your proposal can be found here