Country: Spain
Type: Warning
Status: Riding location threatened

The Parc Natural de Collserola is the largest urban park in Europe. It is composed of a mountain range separating the Mediterranean from the interior valleys of Catalunya with over 80 square kilometers of parkland. It is the lungs of the Barcelona metro area, home to over 4 million inhabitants. Within the park lies a labyrinth of interwoven gravel paths and singletrack whose futures are unknown due to the long-eroding legality of riding on anything narrower than three meters wide.

Bicycles are prohibited from riding almost all singletrack in Parques Naturales, or those designated as “natural parks” all around Spain. For roughly the past two decades, most park officials have looked the other way when it comes to pedal-powered bikes on singletrack, but with increasing park visitation among all user groups, mountain biking is today under greater threat than in earlier years.
You may only use the Park Cycle Path Network. (3-meter-wide paths and tracks)
The speed limit is 20 km/h [12 mph] You may not ride on footpaths. Downhill bikes are prohibited.