Country: The Netherlands
Type: Warning
Status: Riding location threatened

The MTB trail network around Nijmegen is threatened by numerous lawsuits. Opponents believe that the routes do not fit within the nature conservation regime of the area in question and that the relevant permits and waivers should not have been issued by the province of Gelderland. However, the planning and design phase of the trail network included various quick scans and impact assesment regarding protected flora, fauna and habitats. Sensitive areas have been avoided and the trail network has proven to have a regulatory effect.
Despite these studies, opponents still dispute the legitimacy of this trail network. The commotion in the media over this case even led to the situation where mountain biking in nature (whether it should be allowed or not) became a topic of discussion in the provincial elections.
Wielersportbond NTFU and IMBA Europe took action, addressed the issue to the provincial political parties, dispelled misinformation and will continue to work with policitians and other stakeholders to solve this issue.