Handover Process

Handover process

Handover process post build for the following scenarios:

  • Professionally built – hand over process after finished construction – bikeparks or local trails
  • Professional collaboration build, where the builder builds the trail together with the owner and/or future maintenance and inspection crew – professional or volunteer
  • Builders and future maintenance and inspection crew are the same – professional or volunteer


The following sections are from the guide to project management of mtb trails and training facilities.


Create a defects log to share with the contractor:

The contract will have a period of ‘making good defects’ where the contractor is responsible for fixing any found issues with the construction. This period will vary depending on what was set up with the original contract paperwork. Check this carefully and keep accurate records.


Finalize the business plan:

Develop management systems and ongoing finance options. Ensure that you have processes & procedures in place that outline responsibilities.

Work with partner agencies, business, organizations and/or clubs to ensure that all parties are engaged and that the targets for the project are achieved.


Ensure all your signage is in place:

As part of your trail build you will have hazard identification signage along the route. Check that this is all in place. Ensure any information boards are in place. Ensure that any logo’s you are required to display as part of your funding are included, in line with your agreement with them.

Ensure your signage includes information on responsible mountain biking and how riders should respond in an emergency.


Hand over process creating local ownership for the trail

Involve locals or future maintenance crew in construction, planning etc. To get them involved and to help them feel ownership for the project when they will take over.