Programme: Construction Mountain Bike Trail Planning, Construction and Maintenance (2022-2023)
Syllabus for higher vocational education
Syllabus specifications for: Course module as full-time campus study

The higher vocational education course for Mountain Bike Trail Planning, Construction and Maintenance is designed as a stand-alone course according to the specifications in this syllabus. The course awards 30 ECTS when successfully completed. A mountainbike trail builder represents professional sustainable trail development. The profession provide trail design, construction, management and advocacy that enhance resource protection, recreational opportunities, economic development, active citizens, and connected communities worldwide.

The study programme for Mountain Bike Trail Planning, Construction and Maintenance is targeted to the competence needs of the new and rapidly growing sector of mountain biking (MTB). These competence needs are established through two comprehensive studies in the winter of 2019/2020 directed towards the central MTB stakeholder groups. The studies were conducted by Edinburgh Napier University as a part of the ERASMUS+ project DIRTT (Developing Inter European Resources for Trailbuilder Training) where Fagskolen i Viken is the coordinating institution. The DIRTT consortium consists of:

  • International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Europe, NL
  •  Scottish Cyclists Union, UK
  • DGI, Denmark
  • Municipio de Agueda, PT
  • Bike Plan AG, CH
  • Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  • Opplysningskontoret for Terrengsykling, NO

Based on national studies it is reasonable to estimate a comprehensive growth in the coming years. MTB’s contribution to the health agenda is rising accordingly. The six countries represented in the development group of this programme have a domestic participation ranging from 3 – 6% of the adult population. This is expected to rise by at least 1 – 2% in the next 5 years based on the current trends, as market research shows that the global mountain bike market is expected to expand at ~10% CAGR (2018 to 2023)1.