Trail cases

Trail cases


The aim is to gradually develop a collection of trail case studies for educational purposes by using a pre-set questionnaire, completed by a professional trail builder. Each document will focus on one specific trail. This will allow us to compare different projects, in what specific conditions they have been implemented, their successes and struggles. As a trail builder, please be honest and don’t fear revealing the mistakes and struggles experienced. This is the best teaching method we can provide to students.


To use this template, please submit clear and concise answers, supplemented with project pictures, videos or links to other online media where possible or requested.

  • Create a library of comparable trail case study across Europe
  • Highlight some trail building techniques/features or issues through a trail builder interview on a specific trail.
  • Illustrate technical content (such as building methods and technical features, watermanagement, riders experience, flow) in real terrain perspective
  • Collect enough trail cases to cover the biggest variety of trail types

This template consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Basic & technical data of the trail and the intended trail-users (closed questions)
  • Part 2: Trail Builder opinion about the trail (open questions)
  • Optional: Rider review
  • Optional: Client review

DIRTT Template Trail Case Hemsedal#

DIRTT Template Trail Case_assignment sheet TTT program#