Trail user management

  • Trail user management

What is visitor management about:

  • Understanding how mtbikers are using the infrastructures -> visitor monitoring
  • Understanding what mtbikers (locals or visitors) are looking for -> (see mtb industrie)
  • A system to actively manage / influence the behaviour of trail users
    • Traditional user management is based on measures such as signage, restrictions, and zoning 
    • MTB specific management tools are often:
      •  maps, signage and info-boards
      • communication campaigns, trail patrols
  • Good trail user management can promote recreational activities in nature to a reasonable extent, while reducing conflicts between users and showing consideration for the needs of nature. 
  • In a broad sense, it also includes all possible ways to regulate the number of visitors, group size, length of visits, user groups
  • Promoting a trail in the right way is important 
    • User group aimed for, necessary information like emergency plan, phone numbers etc.  
  • Consider user groups that share or navigate around the mtb trail network for a clear communication (see shared, preferred and single use trails)