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Trails are the backbone of the mountain bike community and it’s our goal to provide and preserve appealing trail systems and accessible trails in a natural environment. If you’re a mountain biker or individual business you can become IMBA Europe supporter by making a donation. With your help, we can support trail projects of member organisations, provide training, share good practices, run campaigns like Take Care of Your Trails Weekend and build capacity for mountain bike advocacy across Europe.

IMBA Europe is a collective of national and regional MTB advocacy groups and trail associations in 22 different countries and represents the interest of mountain bikers at the European level. We advocate for responsible trail access and work with governments, land management agencies and municipalities to ensure mountain bikers are considered on a level playing field against other outdoor activities and land use practices. Support advocacy, support trails and donate today!

IMBA Europe is registered as a non-profit association in the Netherlands, registration number (KvK) 55346847

“Support advocacy, support trails and donate today!”

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