Bad Wildbad - Black Forest
01 June 2016 (All day) to 02 June 2016 (All day)

2nd German MTB Tourism Congress

On the 1st and 2nd of June, tourism experts, MTB experts and representatives of local and regional public bodies, meet in Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest for the second German mountain bike tourism Congress. Over 120 participants have already signed on.  

"We are worth it"

is chosen as motto for the workshops at the 2016 edition. A motto that brings together the objectives of al partners involved. Get ready for two days devoted to the value of the sector. 

These issues are at the heart of the 2016 congress.

  • Deliver value: What's happening in mountain bike tourism worldwide and what can we learn from it?
  • Products: What's behind the success of Alpine flagship projects?
  • Create value: What kind of organizational and financial constructions lead to long term success?
  • Appreciation: How MTB tour operators put the wishes of their clients at the center of their business model and what this means for destinations.
  • Valuable: How mountain biking is experienced in municipalities and neighborhoods, attracts young people and contributes to overall health. 

 But that's not all. Other areas of interest are:

  • Analog and digital performance measurement in mountain bike tourism,
  • Sustainable development and maintenance of trails and road networks,
  • Trends in the bike industry and their impact on mountain bike tourism.

2nd German MTB Guide meeting 

We are pleased to host the program of the second German MTB Guide meeting. Participation is free of charge. Please forward the invitation to your local MTB guiding operator.


  • Review and vision - professionalization of the industry (Norman Bielig)
  • Industry value: travel companies in the MTB sector- presentation and analysis of a sector study (Tilman Sobek)
  • Self-esteem: MTB guides adding value to the tourism industry
  • International value: standardization and certification at the European level (Sam Morris I EO MTBInG)

Lunch break

  • Academy: identity & product development
  • Academy: marketing & communications
  • Workshop: EO MTBiNG - work, effects and input
  • Project: classification & standardization - presentation of a vision

Evening event with all Congress participants.

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