Kos Island
16 November 2017, 23:00 to 17 November 2017, 23:00

Aegean Trails Conference

What is Aegean Trails?

Aegean Trails is intended to become a cross-island trail network in the Aegean Sea, providing mountain bikers an even more intense nature experience. The Aegean offers the best conditions for this: beautiful bays, secluded paths, traditional villages, very hospitable people. Greece is a real feeling of life and that is what it has in common with mountain biking. However, from the perspective of off-road fans, the Aegean Islands are still an almost undeveloped area. And this is certainly not due to the missing beauty of the region, but rather to the lack of cleansing, new building, crosslinking and subsequent signposting of potential mountain bike trails on the islands.

Objective Aegean Trails Conference

Many different sectors and companies can benefit from the expansion of mountain bike tourism. Each sector in itself can contribute to the success of the Aegean Trails brand. The more self-initiative is shown, the greater the expected success. At the Aegean Trails Conference, we would like to explain to you all these possibilities in general as well as on a branch-specific basis, and present the financing plan for the implementation of the Internet portal and other marketing measures.

Specific Workshops 

The following specific workshops are offered after to the general presentation:

What makes a bike-friendly hotel? What measures must be taken to be establish as a bike-friendly accommodation within the network? 

Trail building & Trail network
What does trail construction mean? Where should trails be created for a reasonable cross-island trail network (preparation of a 5-year plan)? What requirements must the trails meet to be safe and fun? 

Ferries, airlines, surfing schools, outdoor providers, outdoor shops, etc. – Where is the potential for other industries to participate in the network? With what measures, can these be integrated into the network and benefit from it? 

Representatives/tourism organizations
How can the islands coordinate with each other and create a common budget for the publication of maps, brochures, info panels and signposting of the routes? In which other areas is the participation of the official bodies desirable and necessary? 

Signposting/touristic offers/funding of the planned portal
Collective workshop for all stakeholders - Why to achieve uniform signposting and marketing of the entire trail network? How can the new trail network be combined with useful touristic offers for day trips or weekends? What is the best way to fund the portal Aegean Trails?

The Aegean Trails Conference is designed to give you the opportunity, with the necessary background knowledge, to freely decide whether your company wants to become a partner of the Aegean Trails network. If you decide to do so, we will send you a written draft of the workshop results and the financing plan of the project shortly after the conference. The money invested by the potential network participants will be managed as a fund of Cycle Greece, being the umbrella organization of the Aegean Trails brand. All expenditure on the project will be clearly documented in an annual report. In doing so, we set great emphasis in ensuring that job opportunities in Greece resulting from this project are as much as possible awarded to Greek companies.

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