online conference
18 June 2020, 15:00 to 16:30

IMBA Europe Online Summit - Mountain biking in the post-covid era  

This summit provides insights how to unlock the potential of MTB during the COVID-19 reopening process and recovery planning.

From total lockdown to revival. The contrast between different European countries when it comes to outdoor recreation in corona time is enormous. Where the MTB tourism sector is hit hard in countries like Italy, other European countries have seen an unprecedented increase in mountain biking and outdoor recreation while slowly reopening the countryside

How will mountain biking tourism look in the post-covid era? How to unlock mountain biking’s economic potential and benefits for society in the process of re-opening and recovery planning? And where does mountain biking fit in the EU recovery plan and Green Deal?

Expect an online summit with leading experts and policy makers in the field of adventure travel, MTB tourism, MTB trail development, outdoor recreation, and the cycling industry. Invited keynote speakers include Gergana Nikolova, Regional Director Europe & Central Asia of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, Teodora Marinska, European Travel Commission (Head of Finances and Public Affairs), Lee Cragie, former pro mountain bike rider and Active Nation Commision for Scotland. and Thomas Larsen Schmidt, President of IMBA Europe.

Our line up of panelists include Randy Neufeld, SRAM Cycling Fund, Luca d’Angelo, Destination Manager Dolomiti Paganella Tourism Board, Thomas Egger, Director of the Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Berggebiete and Mike McClure, president of the European Network of Outdoor Sports.


Welcome remarks and introduction of keynote speakers by Kevin Mayne, CEO Cycling Industries Europe, Board Member IMBA Europe


  • How to safely resume travel & reboot Europe’s tourism sector - Teodora Marinska, Head of Finance and Public Affairs of the European Travel Commission
  • A shift towards a more active nation and sustainable ways to live - Lee Craigie, Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland, co-founder of the Adventure Syndicate
  • The ability of MTB & trail infrastructure to transform communities and strengthen economies -Thomas Larsen Schmidt, President of IMBA Europe
  • Transition to a more responsible and sustainable tourism & adventure travel industry- Gergana Nikolova, Regional Director Europe & Central Asia of the ATTA

Keynote presentations are followed by a short Q&A session


  • How MTB tourism and MTB facilities will look post-COVID
  • How MTB’s economic potential & benefits to society can be unlocked during re-opening and recovery planning
  • Where MTB fits in the EU Recovery Plan and Green Deal
  • How local MTB participation and markets can be stimulated

Moderated by Kevin Mayne


  • Randy Neufeld, Director SRAM Cycling Fund, 
  • Thomas Egger, Director of the Swiss Centre for mountain regions (SAB),
  • Luca d ’Angelo, Director Dolomiti Paganella Tourism
  • Mike McClure, President of the European Network of Outdoor Sports.

Summary and conclusions