IMBA Europe Summit – Mountain Biking in Peri-Urban Areas



In 2024 the IMBA Europe annual Summit will take place at the Stadtgalerie in Mödling, a small town located south of Vienna, bordering the south-western part of the Wienerwald. After two consecutive IMBA Europe Summits in Alpine destinations, Val di Sole (2022) and Valposchiavo (2023), we will shift the focus of our 2024 edition to mountain biking in peri-urban areas with its own unique challenges and opportunities.

About the region

The Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) are a forested highland region spanning areas northwest and southwest of Vienna, Austria’s capital. The Wienerwald was designated as a Biosphere Reserve in 2005 by UNESCO. This status protects the great variety of natural and cultural elements that make this region so unique and valuable. The Wienerwald BR covers an area of 105,645 hectares and extends across 51 communities in Lower Austria and seven municipal districts in Vienna.

The uniqueness of this region is characterised by the diversity of nature, culture and sustainable management on the margins of the city of Vienna –Europe’s only biosphere reserve, part of which is in a metropolis with more than two million inhabitants.

The Wienerwald has a number of dedicated MTB trail areas and Austria’s first and only urban MTB trail centre, located at a former, low-lying ski resort that due to  climate change has been transformed into a MTB facility. MTB area Anninger is one of the trail areas in located in close proximity of the main venue of the event.