3 - 5 October 2023 | Saalbach, Austria

From 3-5 October 2023, Saalbach will host the 7th Austrian MTB Congress. The main challenge is about developing Austria as the leading ski nation into a leading mountain bike nation within the EU. Building on an infrastructure for all target groups . Close to nature , climate-friendly accessible and sustainable in all respects. On innovation in the service and product area and ultimately on the expansion of gentle tourism and local recreation for our population.

The 3 day program will address various themes, from value (e) creation to mountain bike coordination, guiding, (visitor) management of natural areas and community engagement.
IMBA Europe is honored to be one of the presenting organisations and will speak about education and certification in the trail development sector and to discuss (how to) coordinate & represent mountain biking interest in Austria in the upcoming years.

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