Mountain Bike Reception Velo-city

9 - 9 May 2023 | Moritzbastei, LEIPZIG, GERMANY

The natural way of cycling


IMBA Europe, Mountainbike Tourismusforum Deutschland, Zweirad-Industrie-Verband and Cycling Industries Europe warmly invite you to join us for a celebration of mountain biking during Velo-City in Leipzig, Germany May 9 19.00-23.00 at the Moritzbastei cultural centre.

Mountain biking contributes to European cycling goals and strengthens cycling communities by fostering cycling culture, especially among impressionable youth and marginalised groups. When mountain biking is easily accessible with trails close to population centres, it can also contribute to the public health benefits associated with cycling in general, replace cars for journeys to experience nature and outdoor recreation and strengthen local economies and the breadth of goods and services available to cyclists. 

European cycling policy needs to ensure that mountain biking is included alongside other cycling-friendly initiatives and investments, and that access to trail networks is ensured for the European mountain bike community.

Come mingle, share your experiences, and learn from mountain bike enthusiasts and advocates while enjoying free drinks, finger food, and light entertainment. Register below!!


Location: Veranstaltungstonne, Moritzbastei,  Kurt-Masur-Platz, Leipzig

Time: May 9, 2023, 19.00-23.00