22 May 2020 (All day) to 24 May 2020 (All day)

POSTPONED: 7th annual IMBA European MTB Summit


The 7th European MTB Summit is an event one of a kind - it combines a very informative program with a loose atmosphere of bicycle festival. Lectures, workshops, discussions and site visits are interspersed with sightseeing, activities on and with bicycles, including riding, of course. Different worlds meet in this unique atmosphere. Big company's CEOs, small business owners, experts in various fields, activists, land managers, public authorities. Their everyday life is different but they can talk for hours because of a shared passion for two wheels and a desire for MTB development. The 2020 Summit theme is cooperation in general, but especially that between bike communities, land managers and local governments.

The event lasts three days, so there is plenty of time for participants to learn the latest in various fields directly and indirectly affecting MTB development, share good practices, network, build relationships for future projects, and simply take a break from everyday life. 

Świeradów-Zdrój - Home of Polish purpose built trails

The seventh annual European MTB Summit will take place from 2224 May in Świeradów-Zdrój, a small city surrounded by beautiful Izera Mountains. They are perfect for MTB - not only every trail is ridable but also bicycles have access to every path visible to eye. And there are hundreds of kilometers of trails - both natural in higher parts of the mountains and purpose build in lower parts. The second ones are part of one of the most recognized trail networks in Europe, Singltrek pod Smrkem, perfect for beginner and advanced riders. Great trail diversity not only will support the recreational part of the summit, but will also become an excellent teaching aid in the main part of the program. After all, the Summit's theme is various aspects of cooperation in creating bicycle trails.

Talking about it in Świeradów-Zdrój, you don't have to limit yourself to theoretical examples - all you need to do is leave the hotel, get on a bicycle and have a discussion on real trails. Natural and those built specifically for cyclists; opened over 10 years ago or those from 1.5 years ago; situated in areas with high or low tourist traffic; designed and built by various people and financed differently. But Świeradów-Zdrój is not only about MTB. Admittedly, the city is investing more and more in this branch of tourism, but originally it was a renowned SPA and tourist destination. Raw beauty of mountains and local mineral waters attracted a lot of people over the years. Still, it is never crowded, which makes it a perfect place for a holidays with the whole family and a Summit that focuses on riding experience. 

Summit program preview

The concept behind this year's program is to provide as much information as possible and to make the most of local MTB trails and the terrain in general. Therefore, there will be traditional lectures and parallel sessions with presentations and workshops as usual, but some of the latter will not take place in the rooms, but in the field. Some will have to be reached by bike, others by foot. This will keep your mind fresh in the afternoon and use existing examples of trail solutions for interesting workshops. There will also be many opportunities for cycling. Every morning, before the lectures, local guides will show you the full range of surrounding trails - from very easy ones to super difficult.

The evening integration program will also use bicycles in some way - either we will go there by bikes or have fun with them. The crowning even will be the Sunday trip for everyone, which will show the greatest MTB attractions of the area. For those interested, the extended version of the program is available and includes 3 days of riding on the best trails and most interesting attractions in the region. This part of the program is partly sponsored by DOT Dolnośląska Organizacja Turystyczna), so the price is very attractive. The number of places is limited, so it's better to sign up sooner than later. More details of the program will appear soon on the event website

Details & registration

The summit will take place at the Cottonina Hotel & Mineral SPA Resort in Świeradów-Zdrój, and all site visits and rides will start from there. Information on how to get to the hotel, descriptions of Świeradów-Zdrój and the local trail network can be found on the event website. There you can also register to the Summit, book accommodation and sign up for an extended program. Registration was opened on 29th of January and closes on 15th of May. Prices are progressive so the sooner you register, the better.

Event website