virtual seminar
22 October 2020, 14:00 to 16:00


As the ongoing health crisis reveals the fragility of economic and social models in particular in its capacity to tackle the environmental challenges ahead, mounting evidence suggests outdoor activities for all could play a role to address a number of challenges. 

This event explores the potential of outdoor sports and physical activity to foster innovative, smart and sustainable development models for a greener, healthy, resilient and inclusive Europe. The programme will  dive into the barriers  and levers enabling the potential of the outdoors as will  explore the further need for policies and interventions on local, regional, national and European level in order to unlock the potential of the outdoors in full.  The webinar is an introductory event of a series of seminars that will be organised from fall 2020 on addressing the topic of the power of the outdoors from different angles and perspectives. This series will guest speakers from across europe who will share their insights and knowledge with stakeholders involved in outdoor sports from a broad range of fields and sectors;
This webinar, jointly organised by the  European Network of Outdoor Sports and the It’s Great Out There Coalition, will take place in the context of the European Week of Regions and Cities. It will address the topic in its broad context, bringing outdoor sports stakeholders, places and communities they connect together. This webinar is aimed at a broad audience ranging from government agencies, regional and local authorities, decision makers, practitioners, outdoor sports federations representatives, outdoor industry  representatives,  nature conservation managers, researchers to rural and regional development managers or urban planners.


Online webinar, 120’ minutes with projects and research outcomes presentation, example from the field, panel, discussion groups. 

Preliminary agenda

Oct 22nd, 14.00.00 to 16.00 pm CET

14.00 Opening and welcome words

  • The European Network of Outdoor Sports, Mike Mc Clure
  • It’s Great Out There Coalition, Margo de Lange
  • EU Commission Sports Unit, Yves Le Lostèque

14.15 Benefits, obstacles and barriers to outdoor participation 

  • What we know about the the Benefits of Outdoor Sports, Mike Mc Clure (ENOS)
  • Unveiling recent findings regarding outdoor sports participation, Margo de Lange (IGOT) and Pippa Goodman 

14.30 Unlocking the power of outdoor activity 

  • Outdoor sports in our regions and cities:  The example of Winterberg, Michael Beckmann – Mayor of Winterberg, Germany and former CEO of the Winterberg Tourism Destination

Panel discussion

How do we unleash the power of the outdoors?  

  • Strategies, success factors and obstacles to increase outdoor sports participation and make change happen. What works?
  • Engaging outdoors in  the communities across Europe: What kind of policies, approaches or interventions would be needed to promote outdoor sports participation in daily life and foster hard-to-reach communities outdoor sports participation?

Panelists (preliminary)

  • Alba Godfrey [BE] EuroHealthNet research policy officer 
  • Melissa Desbois [FR] Outdoor sports development strategist Calanques National Park, Marseille, France
  • Andrew Denton [UK] CEO Outdoor Industries Association
  • Eki Karlsson [FI] CEO, Suomen Latu – The Outdoor Association of Finland

15.45 Conclusions 

16.00 End of the Webinar

This event will be facilitated by Professor Diane Crone [UK], professor in Exercise and Health at the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences, member of BASES (British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences) and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health.


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