29 September 2023 - 1 October 2023 | KOROSKA-KARTNEN (SLOVENIA-AUSTRIA ALPS)

Welcome to the mountainous borderlands of Slovenia and Austria, and the first ROAMER TRAIL Rendezvous – a new nomadic riding series that invites you to discover new destinations, connect with people and place, and act accordingly.

ROAMER is a journey, not a race. Ride, seek, shred, and socialise with pro-riders, ambassadors, trail-builders, and likeminded roamers amongst nature, with the support of our event organisation. No need to bivvy in a bus stop, drink a warm shaken-up framebag can, or carry all your kit if you don’t want to. However you choose to ride, everyone arrives at the same hosted camp each evening.


Over three glorious days, you’ll earn your turns on hand-built singletrack, through abandoned mines and lush green forests, before railing the berms of the Austrian flow country – a multi-day mountain bike ride exploring the natural landscapes further, and connecting with fellow riders and the locals that created a story of synergy between conservation and recreation in this piece of the Alps.


Nestled in the rural heartland of Koroška-Kärnten is a special village – Jamnica – where a group of local mountain bikers and guides have developed a trail network that has connected valleys, communities, and countries; ways of life. Jamnica is not just a tool for socio-economic benefit in a lesser-discovered piece of the European Alps, but a super story for the synergy between conservation and recreation; a place that you need to visit, and enjoy.

ROAMER TRAIL also includes a full morning’s uplift at MTB ZONE PETZEN, so you can experience EWS runs and the longest flow-trail in the EU.


As well as discovering and connecting with people and place, a third pillar of ROAMER is acting. We need to act, for our magical riding playgrounds and the communities at the heart of building and maintaining them. Each edition of ROAMER will see us partner with organisations that are working within this world of mountain biking – global purposes, local action. IMBA Europe is exited to be involved in this new event concept as purpose partner, together with our friend of Trash Free Trails.

Nomadic by name, nomadic by nature: ROAMER TRAIL will visit various alternative and lesser-discovered locations as the series rides on. One thing’s for sure – local community and a combination of natural and purpose built trails will feature strong. Choose your level of support: roam with all your own kit, or have us transfer your bags to each overnight camp; even hire a bike and whatever camping kit you need once you get to the ROAMER Hub.

ROAMER TRAIL 01 bookings are open from 19 July 2023, with entries limited to 100. Join the herd! We hope to see you amongst these special Slovenian mountains. Apéro on us…

An update on the event from Roamer…


Since our inception, ROAMER has been on a mission to help riders discover new destinations, connect with people and places, and act accordingly. As an extension of that mission, ROAMER also seeks to conserve and protect our riding playgrounds so that they can continue to flourish into the future.  


As the devastating effects of climate change continue to be a growing threat, impacting in a very real way the place we plan to DISCOVER on our first Roamer Trail adventure, we are more committed than ever to CONNECT with local community members in order to ACT by sharing our support during these difficult times.  


We are sad to report that on Friday, August 4th, the Koroska Region in Slovenia was hit by catastrophic rainfall that caused rivers to rise, flooding nearby towns and fields and destroying local roads and infrastructure.  


As the operations to recover after these storms continue, we have been staying in close touch with our local partners Anej, Vid, Dixi, and Klara to assess the conditions in order to proceed with a safe Roamer Trail for everyone next month.  


After roads reopen and normal life begins to resume, the Koroska Region will need to bring back one of its most important resources to keep the valley alive: visitors that share the locals’ love for the area and stoke to explore its endless trails.   


Roamer is proud to support local tourism and recreation in the Koroska Region. As a step towards aiding in the recovery of the communities most affected by these recent storms, we have decided to donate 10% of total revenues from the upcoming Roamer Trail to ongoing repair efforts.  


Additionally, with our goal of educating, fostering, and spreading the culture of grass roots advocacy at camp, we will host a special session with Patagonia’s trail and environmental advocate, Manon Carpenter, to learn about the climate issues that the places we get to play in are facing and how, together, we can create a secure future for the trails and communities we explore.  


In the spirit of leaving places better than we find them, we are also continuing to assess any possibilities for trip participants to engage in first-hand support opportunities during our upcoming Roamer Trail adventure, and we will share any updates as we have them.  


Whether or not you plan to attend Roamer Trail, you can provide direct assistance to the people of Koroska by donating to relief efforts via a special account set up by the Republic of Slovenia:  


Account number, Budget of the Republic of Slovenia: SI56 0110 0600 0077 526 

Donations are possible in EUR, CHF, GBP and USD 

SEPA Payment Code: CHAR 

No reference needed