Take Care of Your Trails Webinar – Episode 3 – How to Run a Dig Day

2 - 2 April 2024 | online webinar, starting at 19,30 CET

The Take Care of Your Trails campaign is based on a successful pilot project run by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS). In 2017, IMBA Europe adopted the concept and worked in partnership with DMBinS to turn TCOYT into a pan-European event. The objectives of the TCoYT campaign are to promote trail stewardship & improve the image of our sport, to recognise the work of many MTB volunteers, encourage new or strengthen existing partnerships and to protect the places we love to ride. The campaign itself will take place again in May.

The 2024 theme of Take Care of Your Trails is education. In a series of 4 webinars, we’ll guide (future) trail crew leaders and volunteer groups through the basic principles of organising and hosting a trail maintenance event, from getting permission and how to recruit volunteers and making it fun to a session with experienced trail builders that explain the basic trail building & maintenance techniques.

Episode 3 of our Take Care of Your Trails webinar series will be about how to run a dig day (in a safe and fun manner)!  This evening, we’ll focus on the dig day specifically and how to run it with the contributions of some of the most experienced TCoYT campaigners from previous editions. Mirjam Milad with Darren Simpson from Mountainbike Freiburg  e.V. will be discussing the management of volunteers and group dynamics while Fredric Piper from Cykelfrämjandet will be talking about the use of tools and safety protocols. And of course, there’s time for a Q&A afterwards. The webinar is free, just register on Eventbrite

Are you interested in joining this year’s Take Care of Your Trails campaign and need some first-hand advice and inspiration? Or organize some trail days before but eager to get some new ideas? Then join us on Tuesday the 2nd of April, starting at 19.30 CET

Visit www.takecareofyourtrails.com to learn more about this year’s campaign. Missed the first two Episodes of our TCoYT series? Watcht the ‘Get Started’ and “Trail Building Skills’ webinar on YouTube