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18 April 2021, 20:00 to 21:00

Take Care of Your Trails Webinar - Storytelling and engaging the community

The annual TCoYT campaign has grown into a community movement of passionate and dedicated trail crews contributing countless volunteer hours to preserve their local trails and natural environment. Whilst 2021 is still not yet to be considered a ‘normal’ time, with the many restrictions on travel and public gatherings due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic; we still believe that promoting and organizing the TCoYT campaign is more important than ever. Increased participation and usership of local trails over the past year, and fewer opportunities to organise trail maintenance events means that our beloved trails are in need of some much needed care!

For the first time, TCoYT is organising a one webinar with three keynote speakers from within the mountain biking community. These three speakers are integral members within their mountain biking communities, sharing a wealth of experience and knowledge. The topics that will be covered during the webinar will be as follows;

  • Storytelling; Positive messaging through social media to engage with the community
  • Partnerships with land managers; Forming relationships with land management
  • Community- Building community, mobilizing local groups to volunteer for trail maintenance

We are pleased to announce that our three guest speakers for the Take Care of Your Trails Webinar are;

  • James MacKeddie, Trash Free Trails, Woburn Bike Trails – Storytelling
  • Will Clarke, Aberdeenshire Trail Association- Partnerships with land managers
  • Cathy Naveaux, Mountain Bikers Foundation – Building community

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