02 October 2021 (All day) to 31 October 2021 (All day)

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day - DIY October edtion

IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (TKMBD) is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in October. Created in 2004 and recognized by the U.S. Congress, TKMBD introduces the joy of mountain biking to the next generation. Hundreds of thousands of youth have discovered and celebrated the joy of pedaling two wheels on dirt at TKMBD events, improved their self esteem and made new friends. Many have gone on to become passionate riders, volunteer trail advocates, and even mountain bike racers. 

Nowadays the campaign has an international touch and organizers in Europe can also easily participate. In 2021, TKMBD is on Saturday, October 2nd, BUT you are free to host your TKMBD event on any other date in October. That will give you a bit more flexibility.


Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event registration is open! This year we’re promoting in person and virtual events anytime during the month of October. Get your group together, pinpoint your bike park or trailhead, and register your event with us. Register before September 25th to be eligible to receive our TKMBD toolkit, which includes raceplates for kids, promotion materials, IMBA's trail rules for kids and some Trail Bandit Bingo cards. Trail Bandit Bingo is part of the DIY toolkit from our friends at Trash Free Trails and a great way to combine environmental action, stewardship and nature connection with mountain biking. Including a bit of trail cleaning during TKMBD and if possible, submit your data (what you've found) at 

Stock is limited so promo packages are on a first come, first served basis. 

You can register your TKMBD event using MTBUnited. Get the MTBUnited app

After installing the app on your phone, go straight to the IMBA Europe group, push the + button and create a Meetup and done! Easy as that. Once registration is complete, we will contact you in order to receive the TKMBD toolkit. 

Riding Safely in 2021

Number 1 rule, stick to the local covid measures. If you have trails close to home, particularly that you can ride to, it’s great to stay local. Stay up-to-date on trail closures and facility changes. 

  • Have a plan B. Take cues from the trailhead to assess whether it’s too crowded to honor social distancing. If it is, try another trail or try another day. Riding roads, gravel or paths can be alternatives to crowded singletrack trails.
  • Follow the ABCs. We all know the ABC bike check: air, brakes, cranks and chain. Make sure your bike is ready to ride before you leave the house to minimize time at the trailhead. If you’re driving, get dressed for riding at home.
  • At the trailhead: Beat the rush. Consider riding at off-peak times to have more space on the trails. This may vary depending on where you live, but early morning is often a less busy time on the trails. 
  • Bypass the crowds. Ride from home if you can, consider less popular trailheads, or check a map for alternate trail access points where there will be less user congestion. If you’re driving, consider parking a short distance from the trailhead and riding from there to avoid crowds. (But of course, respect the neighbors!)
  • After your ride, celebrate the awesomeness back home to minimize trailhead time and crowding.

On the trails:

  • Ride cautiously
  • Take it easy and ride within your skill level. This will minimize the strain on healthcare facilities and avoid exposure risks for yourself and for medical staff.
  • Pass with care. The safest way to pass with social distance is to stay alert, slow down, and communicate with each other about how to proceed. When you are identifying a spot to step off-trail, be cautious of sensitive or dangerous vegetation, insects, animals and loose or steep terrain.
  • Break with space.
  • When taking breaks, be conscious to avoid group bunching, intersections, or spots on the trail where other users can’t pass you safely.
  • Listen, and be heard. Ride with a bike bell to alert other trail users of your presence from a distance. Pick one up from your local bike shop. 

Find logo's, planning tips and other templates in our Digital Toolkit

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