Help us help you! Take the European MTB survey now!

8 July 2022

Help us help you! Take the European MTB survey now!

Join the European MTB survey to help both MTB development and trail access advocacy at the European level.


IMBA Europe in partnership with Mountain Bike Tourism Forum Germany are pleased to launch a joint multilingual mountain bike survey to get a better understanding of the needs, motivations, attitudes, and preferences regarding several relevant mountain bike issues. The 10-minute survey focuses on several important topics including trail preferences, trail access, MTB tourism, volunteer trail work, as well as relevant economic, demographic, and behavioural aspects.


“For the first time, the Mountain bike survey EU will provide solid and comparable data on the  development of biking across central Europe. Through the cooperation with IMBA EU, we will significantly enlarge the existing research data of more than 15,000 mountain bikers in the German-speaking countries. This will lead to a better understanding of the demand of international bikers on trail infrastructure, bike travel and sustainability aspects.” says Stephan Grapentin, market research expert at the Mountain Bike Tourism Forum Germany.


Having better mountain bike specific data is a key advocacy tool in convincing politicians, policymakers, and stakeholders in the tourism industry and beyond to invest in mountain biking or at least to work on policies that foster mountain biking.


‘Surveys like this are only published every two years and are important to identify changes and trends in our sector. After all, there is no such thing as thé mountain biker. It’s important to do justice to the diversity that exists within today’s mountain bike community and make sure that policies and strategies are based on the latest insights. 

This is especially true in a sector that is developing steadily, but where we also see that some decisions are still based on emotions, opportunism or simply a lack of information. We hope this survey contributes to better, data-driven decision making ‘ says Mark Torsius, general manager of IMBA Europe.


Thank you for taking this time to be a part of this important project to help create the best conditions for mountain biking at home and on holiday!