Highlights from the DIRTT Midterm Dissemination Event in Mödling, Austria

6 June 2024

Highlights from the DIRTT Midterm Dissemination Event in Mödling, Austria

The DIRTT Midterm Dissemination Event held alongside the IMBA Summit in Mödling, Austria, brought together trail builders, managers, and volunteers from across Europe to collaborate and share expertise.

The event kicked off with a trail workshop in the MTB area of Anninger, led by DIRTT partner Trail Tools and project trail building tutors. Emphasizing trail assessment, the session addressed challenges in trail design and construction amidst climate change, rider dynamics, and local maintenance requirements.

The subsequent day featured a packed agenda of talks and workshops for European trail builders. Dr. Tom Campbell of Edinburgh Napier University unveiled the new DIRTT trail builder sector survey, which garnered feedback from 152 European trail builders. The survey aims to pinpoint and prioritize core competencies across trail planning, construction, and maintenance, while also assessing knowledge and training needs for sustainable and inclusive mountain bike trails.

DIRTT Midterm Dissemination Event 2024

Key insights from Dr. Campbell’s presentation highlighted the predominantly small-scale nature of European trail building organizations, with 44% employing 1-3 individuals. Notably, a vast majority (90%) of European trail builders engage in multiple aspects of trail work, reflecting a versatile “do-it-all” profile. The survey also underscored the critical importance of more inclusive thinking in trail development, revealing a notable training gap in understanding and applying adapted trail guidelines.

The event’s workshops delved into these findings, fostering discussions that shaped competence profiles and the future trans-European organization for the trail builder certification, slated for launch in 2026. We extend heartfelt thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm and invaluable contributions to advancing the DIRTT certification system.

For more information on the DIRTT project and upcoming events, please visit our website. Stay tuned for the full research report and a recording of Dr. Campbell’s presentation.