IMBA Europe and Eco-Counter Launch Trails Count Program

15 May 2023

IMBA Europe and Eco-Counter Launch Trails Count Program

IMBA Europe is excited to announce the first round of a new Trails Count Grant Program in partnership with Eco-Counter. This new program focuses on the quality of mountain bike trail communities by measuring the number of users on trails to assess the impact of trails. The Trails Count Program jump start efforts of IMBA’s member organisations across Europe that work closely with municipalities and land management agencies that have the interest and political support to develop trail-use measurement systems but need assistance to get their studies started.


“Data about trail usage is more important than ever for fact-based decision making, measuring the impact of vibrant MTB communities and visitor management purposes. Understanding how to gather the right data and how to apply it to advocacy efforts will benefit all kinds of trail development or enhancement” says Mark Torsius, IMBAEU’s general manager.


Eco-Counter will assist one of IMBA EU’s members through a competitive grant process linked to the annual Take Care of Your Trails campaign. The winner will receive an Eco-Counter people counter for a period of one year, including the accompanying data analysis software, professional assistance and consultation services from Eco-Counter to set up and manage count programs.


“Eco-counter is pleased to expand it’s Trail Count Program to Europe after it’s initial launch in the US in 2020. Eco-Counter works in more than 50 countries, capturing usage trends and providing data that justifies trail infrastructure investments. Our European team is ready to start support a new mountain bike trail count program in Europe”, says Samuel Chevrier, Natural Area Market Leader at Eco-Counter.


IMBA Europe will accepting applications in May 2023 from IMBA Europe member organisations that are actively involved in the Take Care of Your Trails campaign and are interested in starting a trail counting program.


About Eco-Counter:

With 20 years of experience, Eco-Counter is the global leader in helping municipalities understand user behaviors in natural areas, through data expertise and analysis tools. From bike counters deployed on San Francisco’s busiest cycle tracks, to trail counters in remote regions of the New Zealand, our temporary and permanent counters are trusted around the world.