IMBA Europe Protect & Preserve research – New survey launched

17 April 2023

IMBA Europe Protect & Preserve research – New survey launched

Riders survey published to explore environmental action in the mountain biking community in the UK 


In parallel to IMBA Europe’s 2023 ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ campaign a survey just published for riders in the UK is exploring the role mountain bikers can play in supporting environmental threats facing trail locations.

A rider survey is open until the end of May to gather responses to help understand how UK riders experience nature while riding, awareness of environmental threats in trail locations, and motivations to engage with land management and nature pressures facing trail locations in the UK.

It’s widely recognised that appreciating and experiencing nature is a central motivation for mountain biking. The extent to which this riding experience deepens connections with trail locations and translates into motivations to protect nature in these places has not been researched.

Whether it’s reducing impacts or leading nature restoration projects in trail locations, or voting for environmental policy, riders can support action at all scales as guardians of trails for future generations.

Complete the survey and enter the prize draw to win a Patagonia Dirt Roamer Bike Pack and a Trail Matters photo book by Filip Zuan.

This research project has received the Protect & Preserve award, which focuses on conservation and restoration efforts and is supported by Patagonia and Specialized’s Soil Searching Programme.


*** Survey is for UK residents only