IMBA Europe signs open letter to world leaders at COP26

8 November 2021

IMBA Europe signs open letter to world leaders at COP26

IMBA Europe signs an open letter to world leaders to invest and promote cycling to reduce emissions and reach climate targets.

This week a global coalition of pro-cycling organisations published an open letter to governments attending the COP26 meetings in Glasgow to take further action in promoting cycling as a solution to help reach global carbon emission targets. Cycling is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions as well as increase general overall health and well being of citizens. 


Cycling represents one of humanity’s greatest hopes for a shift towards a zero-carbon future.


The goal of IMBA Europe’s new strategy to 2025 is to promote mountain biking as a sustainable and affordable outdoor sport. We encourage our partners and members to join us in signing the letter, so we can all collectively commit to achieving a global target of higher cycling levels.


​​Thomas Larsen Schmidt, President of IMBA Europe: “There needs to be more investment and promotion of all forms of cycling as the solution to reduce CO₂, as well as further opportunities for people to engage with the environment on a deeper level. Cycling friendly communities and the development of sustainable MTB infrastructure have proven to boost local & regional economies, reduce climate impact and encourage an environment conscious lifestyle.”

Sign the letter here