Plan your sustainable travel!


One of the challenges many destinations face, particularly the ones in Alpine regions, is finding sustainable travel alternatives to offer guests. The current rail infrastructure throughout Europe makes it difficult to travel across borders; and unless you’re willing to spend sometimes 20+ hours travelling, it is an unappealing way to travel (for most).  But what if we offered you an itinerary to get to the Summit that involved, bikes, trains, adventure and good vibes…


Purposeful adventure


Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing not to fly, and leaving the car at home.


JOIN US on our ‘Purposeful adventure’ to the IMBA Europe Summit, inspired by our friends at Trash Free Trails.


The staff at IMBA Europe have set themselves a challenge. Travel to the Summit in the most sustainable way possible. Traveling from Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, Mark, Loren and Hans have set themselves the challenge of plotting out a purposeful adventure to the Summit without using cars or planes.


More information on the IMBA Europe purposeful adventure will be coming SOON!

Travel by train:


If you have the time, traveling by train is perhaps the most sustainable form of overland transportation (other than by bike). A person traveling by plane from London to Madrid will emit 118kg of CO2 + 147kg of secondary emissions, whereas the person opting for train will emit 43kg of emissions. Not only is the train a better option than flying in terms of the effects on the environment, but also in terms of satisfaction and general wellbeing. ‘Slow travel’ is a form of travel that offers better connection to people, places and the environment, rather than the hustle and bustle of airport environments.

In Europe, the ‘night train’ is something that is starting to trend once again, with services running from major cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich and many more.  More information on night trains across Europe can be found here.


Connections to Valposchiavo


There are two major connecting stations to Valposchiavo –>  AC Milan and Zurich. From Zurich to Chur you can take one of the Intercity trains of the SBB (Swiss Railway Company). From Chur great train ride with comfortable express trains of the Rhaetian Railway.


Zurich – Poschiavo

Zurich-Chur-Samedan-Pontresina-Valposchiavo —> 240 km

Milan- Poschiavo

Milan-Lecco-Sondrio-Tirano-Valposchiavo —> 170 km


More information on trains can be found here.


Rhaetian Railway- The Bernina express


It went into operation more than 100 years ago: the Bernina line . In 1910, direct train operations between St. Moritz and Tirano began. 61 kilometers of highest architecture against the backdrop of the highest mountain in Graubünden. This special treat, which leads past the mighty Palü and Morteratsch glaciers and combines southern joie de vivre and alpine beauty, can be experienced every day on the Bernina Express . But sometimes the exposed curves and the overwhelming mountain panorama take your breath away.


Rhaetian Railway •
Railway Travel Center 7742 Poschiavo
T +41 81 288 54 54

Getting around Poschiavo


The post bus runs on the Bernina Pass road between Pontresina and Campocologno and serves popular hiking destinations on the side roads.

To plan your stay, you can consult the online timetable or download the timetable of each line that runs in Valposchiavo:



For groups of 10 or more people, a reservation is required for all postbus transport. T +41 81 844 10 42




With the  Valposchiavo All Inclusive Guest Card  you can travel  on the entire local network between Ospizio Bernina and Campocologno (except Val di Camp) with the Publicar and night bus . Not valid for arrival and return journey.


Tips for sustainable travel to the Summit

  • Travel overland- Travelling by train is the most sustainable form of travel overland in terms of limiting one’s carbon footprint. 
    • Thinking of travelling by train? You can reach the “Trento station” via the high-speed Frecciargento, Italo, Deutsche Bahn, and ÖBB trains or the regional and interregional services. 
    • Then take the connecting Trento-Malé-Mezzana line to Val di Sole, from where there are regular coach links to all the towns
    • More information on taking the Train
  • Travel together- Instead of driving alone, why not travel together. Find out who is joining the Summit from your region, or perhaps someone on the way. If you’d like to ‘Find a ride’ to the Summit, join our Facebook group here.

Make the journey an adventure – If you have the time, and you love an adventure, why not look at making your trip to Val di Sole by bike? This might look like a train-bike-train scenario.