Future tourism- South Tyrol 2030

Authors: Harald Pechlaner

Year: 2017

Publisher: Eurac Research



As part of what is (probably) the most comprehensive and multifaceted analysis of the South Tyrolean tourism industry, experts from the Institute for Regional Development from Eurac Research, commissioned by the Institute for Economic Research of the Bozen Chamber of Commerce (WIFO) and in close cooperation with the Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association (HGV) South Tyrol and Innovation Development Marketing (IDM) South Tyrol and with the involvement of tourism service providers and representatives of tourism organizations dealt with the future of tourism in South Tyrol. This constant change at the various levels of society means that new challenges arise for the tourism sector in South Tyrol and requires that the actors involved think about how this change can be proactively shaped at an early stage. The year 2030 was chosen because it is a medium to long term planning distance, by the end of which investments made today and political measures taken today can fully develop their effectiveness. Tourism is a cross-sectional industry that touches many areas and is exposed to a wide variety of interactions. The intention of the project was to create a basic study that offers a general overview of the current state of tourism in South Tyrol and combines it with an outlook and recommendations for action for the future. Weaknesses and risks play just as important a role as strengths and opportunities. How can opportunities be used and strengths expanded? How are markets and framework conditions changing and how should we react to them? How can threatening developments be stopped at an early stage?