Mountain bike tourism economic impacts: A critical analysis of academic and practitioner studies

Author: Buning, Richard, J & Lamont Matthew

Year: 2020

Publisher: Tourism economics – IP Publishing

Categories: Mountain biking Tourism, economics


Mountain biking as a sport and recreational activity has grown rapidly over the previous two decades. Consequently, there has been growth recently in efforts aimed at stimulating mountain bike tourism through the development and marketing of mountain bike trails and parks. Various community advocates, academics, and industry practitioners have sought to quantify the economic impacts of mountain bike tourism to garner public and other financial assistance to aid the development of mountain bike tourism. This research critically reviewed 33 academic and practitioner studies reporting on mountain bike tourism economic impacts. Analysis revealed widespread inconsistency in instrumentation and variable measurement contributing to a fragmented body of knowledge pertaining to economic impacts of mountain bike tourism. Recommendations for improved rigor and consistency in future research measuring mountain bike tourism impacts are provided.