Understanding Mountain Bike Tourism

Authors: Sara Cottingham Kasey Osborne

Year: 2019

Publisher: Downstream Strategies

Categories: Tourism, bike friendly communities


Located at the gateway to West Virginia’s scenic highlands, Richwood lies within close proximity to many of the state’s most renowned mountain biking destinations. Each year, mountain bikers from across the country come to West Virginia to ride at Snowshoe, Slatyfork, Fayetteville, and other mountain bike trail centers. Many of these riders drive straight through downtown Richwood on their way to well-known trails in Pocahontas County. Positioned as a great stopping place on the way to these other destinations, Richwood is already home to some great, though lesser known, mountain bike trails. So, what can Richwood do to attract more of these mountain bikers in our region? This report highlights opportunities and marketing strategies that could help Richwood capitalize on mountain bike tourism. Specifically, this document provides: • a brief profile of the mountain bike user group; • an overview of existing trail resources in Richwood, nearby mountain biking destinations, and upcoming opportunities that may expand the presence of mountain biking in the region; • recommendations to help Richwood business owners market specifically to mountain bikers; and • examples of other rural communities that have used mountain biking to spur local economic development.