Spor og Natur - DCU 

National Member since 2014

Spor og natur is a trail advocacy group working under Denmarks bicycling association DCU. Spor og natur (trails and nature committee) is involved in trail building, lobbying for trail access and the promotion of good trail behaviour. Spor og nature aims to raise the level of knowledge regarding sustainable trail building i Denmark. DCU is well know for it's On Trail project. The multiyear project includes signage and graduation of all MTB tracks in Denmark. 


National Member sinde 2019

DGI is the Danish Sports Federations and works purposefully to strengthen exercise and grassroots sports in Denmark. Together with the local sports associations, DGI develop concepts and activities based on the needs and opportunities of their members and because they believe in the joy of sports and in the strength of the association community.

DGI is a non-profit organization that for more than 150 years has worked closely with the associations to make Danes more active. Today, DGI counts more than 6,300 associations and 100,000 volunteer enthusiasts. As one of the country's largest suppliers of courses, DGI makes more than 50,000 Danes wiser about both themselves and sports every year. DGI Outdoor focues on all outdoor sports in Denmark, including (grassroots) mountain biking.

Viborg Trail Arena 

Associate member since 2019

Driving force behind the Viborg Trail Arena is the Association Viborg Trail Arena, a collaborative partnership of 11 different groups. Viborg Trail Arena is involved in the implementation of public and voluntary projects and coordinates the development and maintenance of the Viborg MTB trail network. Key objectives of the non-profit association are: 

  • Workshops with the best track builders in collaboration with i.a. Danish Cycling Union, Track and Nature Committee
  • Develop voluntary Danish track builders' competencies within MTB track design and track building via workshops
  • Show that good MTB tracks can be made in all terrain types - not just hilly nature of high natural value
  • Support and further develop a vibrant track builder culture