Happy Trail MTB / IMBA Italia

Member since 2014

IMBA is present in Italy through Happy Trail MTB – IMBA Italia. 

Happy Trail MTB is a amateur sport association dedicated to organizing cyclists who share a similar passion for mountain bikes, for a life dedicated to the outdoors and for travel by bicycle. Bicycle riding is freedom in motion: everyone who has ever ridden a bicycle as a child can still remember the sensation of exploring the world while pedaling just behind your house. Still today, in older years, the bicycle connects us to our first steps of freedom in the natural world.

At Happy Trail MTB, we aim to incorporate these elements into one complete picture: nature in its purest form, breathtaking unimaginable itineraries and trails, the raw beauty of the vistas and wonderful company of the people riding together. We envision Happy Trail MTB as a vehicle to simple pleasures: the pure satisfaction of having completed a task, for no other reason than to get to the top (and down) of the mountain. 

Happy Trail MTB has been supporting IMBA since its foundation in 2010, and it is a founding member of IMBA EU. Mountain biking needs trails and trails need advocacy at many levels. IMBA Italia is working to give Italian riders a strong voice, and to bring together land managers, local and national authorities, associations, and the bike industry to consider good, managed trails part of the sport. 

This vision of ours can be achieved through promoting sustainable trails, offering courses for trail builders, providing consulting to locations wanting to start or expand a mountain bike ride center or a network of trails. IMBA Italia works in close collaborations with IMBA and IMBA Trail Solutions to guarantee and elevate the riders experience. We are spreading IMBA throughout Italy and working with many associations and trail builders. 

Happy Trail MTB is a club member of the National Italian Cycling Association (F.C.I.), and of FIAB which represents in Italy ECF (European Cyclists' Federation). 

Our values are:

  • To maintain an active life in the outdoor
  • To seek out - and balance - one's physical, psychological and ethical well-being through the synergy between sport and nature
  • To focus on the environment and actively engage local communities
  • To discover - again - the beauty of our own backyards
  • To travel as a means to share emotional experiences with one's companions
  • To respect and solidarity for and with one's travel companions