Cykelfrämjandet - National member



Insamlingsstiftelsen Skånsk MTB Utveckling - Associate member

Skånsk MTB Development Funding Foundation started in spring 2016. The need for the foundation arose in the expansive development we could look around to experience and experience the Skåne landscape and its trails by bike.

With the increased interest, interest also increased in the development and construction of new paths and lead cycles for cyclists and municipalities, but there was no regional coordinating voice that was able to look at the issues in a broader perspective and who could help, support and drive on a positive development for more and better cycling in Skåne. Our mission is to culminate in this role as a regional voice for sustainable development in preparing better place for cycling in Skåne and ensuring that good solutions are implemented that contribute to better mood in forest and land between all the different stakeholders affected by the increased need for better infrastructure around the cyclical cycle.