15 June 2021


As we begin to surface from the year that was 2020, there is still much to be told about what happened within the mountain biking industry. To shed light on what happened in 2020, and how to move forward, we will be bringing together a diverse lineup of keynote speakers and panellists who will provide valuable insight into how we can make mountain biking both sustainable and inclusive throughout Europe. Learn more about our keynote speakers and panelists below and register for the event here


Mr Peter Fischer –  Policy Officer Green Sport; International Sport Cooperation; European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC), Sport Unit

Peter Fischer is Policy Officer for Green Sport in the European Commission’s sport unit, within the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC). He coordinates the work of the new Commission Expert Group on Green Sport, a new group foreseen by the EU Work Plan for Sport (2021-2024). He has recently also taken over the international sport cooperation portfolio (notably with the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries). Peter will also be involved in setting up the new Erasmus+ mobility scheme in the field of sport (as of 2023). Before joining the sport unit, Peter worked on different topics in the European Commission, including development cooperation, regional policy (cross-border cooperation) and pre-accession, often on jobs with an important communication dimension. He is a passionate cyclist (commuter, road cyclist and mountain biker).

Thomas Larsen Schmidt Consultant in DGI / President of IMBA Europe- Works with the development of outdoor life, recreational infrastructure and better access to nature
Thomas Larsen Schmidt lives in Denmark. He is President of IMBA Europe, and has been working with Mountain Bike Advocacy for many years, both nationally and internationally.


Panel 1: Working towards a diverse and inclusive mountain biking community

Aneela McKenna – Founder of Mòr Diversity, a diversity, inclusion and wellbeing consultancy business.
Aneela launched Mòr Diversity in 2020, after identifying a need in the cycling and outdoors sector to adapt to new ways of thinking, and to reap the rewards from having a fully inclusive approach to business She also works as a a mountain bike coach, guide, mentor and cycling entrepreneur co-partnering award winning cycle tour operator Go-Where Scotland, established 2008. Aneela has over ten years’ experience working in the cycling sector and over 20 years as a diversity, inclusion and wellbeing professional. Combining this skillset, Aneela’s uniquely placed to provide a diverse range of professional services to businesses within cycling and the outdoors.’

Stefan Longgren-  Project Manager at the Swedish national cycling advocacy organisation (Cykelfrämjandet)
Stefan is a mountain bike rider/guide/coach/trail builder with a background working with people with neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Brook Hopper- Liv Global Marketing Manager
Highly effective and evolved brand-builder, I am passionate about creating a more equitable and inclusive cycling industry. I am highly motivated and results oriented, with a successful track record in strategic brand development on a global scale in the outdoor, nonprofit, and bicycle industry. I oversee all product marketing, sports marketing, digital marketing, retail marketing, communications, and public relations. I strive to build community through innovative and authentic collaborations with strategic partners that demonstrate value for stakeholders while creating a meaningful customer experience that leads to increased brand affinity.

Moderator: Mark Torsius, general manager of IMBA Europe

Panel 2: Preconditions to allow for sustainable growth in mountain biking

Morten Kamp Schubert Founder and CEO of Mountainbike United™
Mountain biker and entrepreneur since the 1990’s, has been working with mobile app’s from before the first iPhone and have done numerous app for nature communication and has for the last 5 years worked full time on developing and market Mountainbike United ™ a dedicated mountain bike community and a trail guide for official mountain bike trails.

Martin Wyttenbach Head of Environmental Planning Research Group at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Martin Wyttenbach is head of the Environmental Planning Research Group at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Zurich Switzerland. He has been conducting research in the field of recreational use and environmental impacts for over 10 years. As an environmental engineer, he works closely with research experts in wildlife biology and vegetation ecology. As an environmental specialist, he was employed for several years at BikePlan AG (2016-2020), where he was involved in the founding process of IMBA Switzerland, in addition to mountain bike specific planning, and made its management at the beginning (2019-2020). He is an avid cyclist, on trail, road and commute.

Clement Doby Decathlon, MTB Brand Leader
38 year old French, native currently living in Lille (the North of France) I have two kids who love mountain biking, a “flow rider” boy of seven, and a “crazy rider” girl of three. I was a BMX professional rider until around the age of 25 and I raced in four MTB world cups. I started as a MTB rider at the age of 18 (first in 4X, then DH, and now in XC marathon and Enduro). My other passions are surfing, snowboarding, freeski, and all sports with a handlebar and wheels (2, 3 or 4) in Decathlon since 2008, first as MTB engineer, then BMX & MTB product manager, now MTB brand leader for 4 years.

Matt Pearce – Sports Marketing Manager EMEA – Patagonia
Matt hails from the MTB mecca of Northumberland, UK, but is now based in Amsterdam, NL, working from Patagonia’s European HQ. He oversees Patagonia’s athlete / ambassador and grassroot sports programs, while also working on the brand marketing team on Patagonia’s core sport campaigns. He is closely involved in Patagonia’s environmental and social advocacy work within outdoor sport communities across the EMEA region.

Moderator – Kevin Mayne CEO at Cycling Industries Europe and IMBA Europe board member

Panel 3: Investing in mountain biking friendly places

Mathilde Skov Kristensen (MSK) is a Research Assistant at the University of Southern Denmark (USD).
In 2019 she received her master’s degree in sports and health science. MSK currently works at the Centre of Sports, Health and Civil Society at the Department of Sports Sciences and Clinical Biomechanics at USD. MSK has managed and contributed to several research projects in the field of outdoor recreation research including studies of shelter camping, outdoor recreation in Norwegian cabins and the development of mountain bike trails in Denmark. The latter focuses on co-production of mountain bike trails in Denmark and the effects of a standardized mountain bike trail marking system on availability, usability and safety of the trails.

Lars Wraee Jensen Project Manager of the DIRTT Erasmus+ project. In this role I represent project lead Fagskolen i Viken (previously Fagskolen Tinius Olsen), which is a Norwegian college in higher vocational and theoretical education.
I started working in the mountain bike industry in 2015. Since then I’ve headed the transition of Norway’s largest tourism region, Hallingdal, from winter destination into Scandinavias largest mountain bike region. I’ve managed several trail building projects in this process. Through my work in Hallingdal, I’ve initiated the formation of Opplysningskontoret for Terrengsykling (OFT), which is a trade organization consisting of Norway’s leading mountain bike destinations. I’m currently the Chairman of the board. OFT has developed several guidelines and standards for the industry, as well as a new national MTB instructor and guide education. As the representative from OFT I’ve been part of DIRTT since the idea was born, and from April this year I took over the role as project manager. Most importantly I love riding my mountain bike as much as possible!

Diana Garcia Trujillo Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Planning
Diana is passionate for sustainability, traveling and community welfare. She has international background in hotel operations, business development, markets expansion, and digital tourism business operations. Her passions made her a globetrotter and she has had the opportunity to participate in volunteering projects in Colombia and Asia. Currently lives in Barcelona.

Moderator – Catherine Shearer CMO at H+I adventures and IMBA Europe board member