adopt and share your favorite trail

25 July 2014 adopt and share your favorite trail is a next-generation mountain bike guide and trail map website. The robust platform for online mapping displays the known trails in any given area, complete with elevation profiles, full GPS routes, photos, detailed ride info and more. MTBproject is also available as a free app for Android, iPhone and iPad users.IMBA collaborated closely in the development of this new platform which was launched last year in the US. Besides being a great tool to explore new trails, it can also highlight the work of national, regional and local MTB groups who are involved in MTB advocacy and volunteer trail building. We hope that mountain bikers start using this site to find paces to ride. As a club or IMBA (EU) member, you can start mapping trails in your area and monitor the content, make sure it is accurate and very important, that’s is LEGAL to ride. The last thing we want (and need) is promotion of illegal trails or causing user conflicts. To prevent this kind of scenario requires coordination with your land manager, administration or municipality. Land managers have a challenging job, balancing the sustainability of the natural environment with the demands of several recreational user groups. In the first year of, some land managers send emails asking to remove illegal trails from the site. Those trails were removed very quickly. Right now, as an additional measure, land managers can subscribe to a trail system or area and receive notifications the moment any new trail is posted to the site for that area. If they see something that doesn’t look right, they’ll be able to notify almost immediately, before any harm is done. If you’re a land manager, just send an email at to be added to the program. All content must be approved by site administrators before it goes live — IMBA and agree that the success of the project depends on content administrators with excellent local knowledge and a strong connection to mountain bike advocacy. That’s why we encourage local, regional and national operating groups that already collaborate with their land managers to upload the trails you’ve helped to build and maintain and share them with other riders.If you want to learn more about, just visit the website, register and follow the instructions or read the FAQ.