11 May 2017

1.4 million Euros to new signing and grading of Danish mountain bike trails


The Project

The Danish Trails- and nature Committee under the Danish Cycling Association has secured a huge grant from Nordea-fonden (a beneficiary organisation from Denmark). The grant of 1.4 million Euros are for a three year project, where official trails in Denmark will be signed and graded through cooperation with the many volunteer trailbuilder groups that are working with trails in Denmark. Most of the grant will be for direct support for the volunteer groups, in their work with the trails, for signs, posts, and improvements of the trails, where needed.

The project also aims at securing a single digital solution for the trails involved in the project, so that in the future, the mountainbikers of Denmark will only need to look one place for information about trails, access and conditions of the trails. The project is a huge a acknowledgement of the massive volunteer effort that has gone into trailbuilding the last 10-15 years in Denmark.