26 August 2013

Away with the 2-meter rule in Baden-Württemberg

A clear statement by DIMB, Deutsche Initiative Mountain Bike, in Baden-Württemberg, the only German state that maintains this mountain bike unfriendly rule that prohibits mountain bikers to ride on trails smaller than 2 meters. After the state of Thüringen abolished the 2-meter rule already over 10 years ago, Baden-Württemberg is the only state with such a nonsensical rule. 

In Baden-Württemberg the ban is not the exception but the rule, thereby showing other states like Bavaria and Hesse the wrong example. The 2 meter rule has been causing problems for years such as:

  • Forest users are not entitled to use the same paths, this obstructs solidarity between trail users and makes it difficult to build a trail community.
  • Difficult to get approval to make use of the more challenging trails for local bike events.
  • A wide variety of legal problems. The 2-meter rule leads to ambiguity in the fields of liability (accidents), training and guiding (tours, club activities) etc.
  • Lack of attractive trail networks due to this 2-meter rule and alleged liability issues.
  • The bike tourism in the Black Forest is far behind comparable regions

DIMB’s initiative "Open Trails Hesse" has shown that a modern, citizen-friendly access to premises, on mutual acceptance and consideration rather than on discriminatory bans on individual user groups  is, is possible. Enough reasons for DIMB to launch its campaign ‘WEG MIT DER 2- METER-REGEL IN BAWÜ. Visit their campaign website here or sign the petition at the Eurobike tradeshow in Friedrichshafen upcoming week.