07 April 2020


Thank you to businesses and cyclists who have made extraordinary efforts and personal sacrifices during the COVID19 pandemic.


During the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, we salute the health and care workers and other essential services who are putting in extraordinary efforts on our behalf, often at considerable personal risk.

The cycling community is no different. Across the globe we hear daily stories about businesses that are providing free bikes to health care workers, delivering food and medicines to isolated people, repairing bikes for essential travel, and keeping bike share open to get essential workers safely home from work. There are volunteers, local community groups and individuals who are using bikes to support essential services and their neighbours, all at their own cost. They have all become essential workers in their own way, and we salute them all.

These actions mean that individuals and employees carry on working, even if they put themselves at some personal risk. Companies keep providing essential services even when it costs them money, because they have to pay wages or they refuse state aid that they would get if they close. 

Cycling the extra mile is our way to recognise those special efforts in our community. Every time we hear a story about someone who has done something special, we will send our “thank you”, simply by adding the recognition Thank you for #cyclingtheextramile to every social media post, on every platform. And we are sending you this message to encourage you to do the same - all your tweets will appear on the live Twitter feed on our #cyclingtheextramile page.

Imagine if we can tell all those amazing businesses and companies that we recognise their work. They are not alone, they are not isolated, they are part of this great community of cycling. 

The #cyclingtheextramile campaign has been created by Cycling Industries Europe as part of our efforts to support cycling and cycling businesses during the COVID19 pandemic. It is supported by the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF), European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Europe.