16 October 2018

First group of candidates to take European guide-instructor exam

mtb guide-instructor

In the weekend of 19-21 October, the first group of candidates will take the European MTB guide-instructor exam in the French Alps. In the earlier stages of this European project, training requirements and the final exam to become professional mountain bike instructor-guide were determined by all project partners. The initial CAPS-MTB project group (Create a European Professional Standard for MTB instructor-guides) consisted of Moniteurs Cyclistes Français, Swiss Cycling, Slovenian Cycling Federation, NTFU (Netherlands) POMBA (Poland) and IMBA Europe but during this Erasmus + project, countries like Norway, the UK and Denmark already joined the scheme. 

The practical exam will include riding, guiding and teaching evaluations. The assessment criteria are derived from the European training requirements. The CAPS-MTB project will be completed in December 2018. The project has a number of benefits, both for the mountain biking public and the sector. The first group of candidates already had their qualifications in the their own country but followed additional training courses to meet the criteria of the EU standard. 

To the mountain biking public:

  • higher standards from your MTB instructor-guide, wherever you may be in Europe
  • consistent standards from your MTB instructor-guide, wherever you may be in Europe
  • total clarity – you will know for sure whether your MTB instructor-guide is qualified to the highest level
  • peace of mind – no more ‘lucky dip’ in finding a good instructor-guide, just top level professional instruction and guiding every single time

To the sector:

  • professional recognition
  • increased work opportunities
  • increased mobility 
  • increased collaboration – direct access to a huge network of other dedicate professionals all over Europe 

During the CAPS-MTB project, several train-the-trainer courses have been developed and tested. These courses are aimed at countries / organisations who do not yet have a training program. 

For more info, please visit www.eo-mtbing.eu