15 April 2021

IMBA Europe to speak at the 6th German MTB Tourism Congress “Roots, exploring the trail ahead”

The sixth Mountain Bike Tourism Congress, May 4th - 6th 2021, will focus on the roots of mountain biking as both its history and a foundation for a brighter future. 

A lot has changed in over 40 years of mountain biking, but one thing has remained the same – the genuine feeling of freedom. The freedom of being outdoors felt ever more important in the year 2020, when many people were restricted to their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This freedom is something worth protecting and conserving.

ROOTS will shed light on topics of significance for everyone serious about mountain bike development and the biking community at large. The questions we must ask ourselves today within the mountain biking community is where are we heading? Where is this journey guiding us? How much change is needed? How much change is healthy? Is there a limit to growth and credibility? What does change mean for those who create and operate the offers? We, as an ever-expanding bike community, are facing the challenges of our time. “Roots’ will provide an opportunity for like minded individuals to convene and take a close look at best practices from around the globe to plant our seeds responsibly. 

IMBA Europe is excited to announce our involvement as guest speaker during the 6th annual German MTB Tourism Congress. We will be hosting a 45 minute session on the Thursday afternoon, where we will cover topics such as the annual ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ campaign, and growth within the mountain biking sector. This is a great opportunity to share the success of the campaign over the years, and also highlight the impacts and challenges our sector is experiencing due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst we have experienced much growth in terms of sales of mountain bikes and participation in 2020/2021, there are many unanswered questions within the sector as to what these impacts will mean for the future of mountain biking. We will delve deeper into some of these topics with the help of experts from within the trail building community, and mountain biking tourism industry.

Building the foundation for a sustainable and bright future for all mountain biking is the vision of IMBA, and we look forward to contributing to this informative and inspiring conference. For more information on registration for the ‘Roots- Mountain Bike Congress’, head over to the official website here