04 September 2015

Outcomes first European MTB survey now available

Earlier this year, IMBA Europe and its member groups launched their first multilingual mountain bike survey to get a better understanding of your needs, your motivation, attitudes and preferences regarding several mountain bike issues. 

From trail preferences, trail access, MTB tourism, volunteer trail work to more economic, demographic and behavioral aspects, all these topics were covered in the European survey and made it into the final report. 

We are very grateful to those who joined or have spread this survey. Your opinion has real value. It helps national MTB advocacy groups to define their future strategies. Having better mountain bike specific data also helps to convince politicians, policymakers, stakeholders in the tourism industry to invest in mountain biking or at least to work on policies that foster mountain biking. 

With a survey that counted more than 60 questions, it was impossible to present all that data in one sheet. So that’s why we made an infographic, a picture of the European mountain biker at glance. This is a starting point, the European MTB survey will be repeated in the future in a bit downsized version. Be aware that outcomes per country may differ, contact our national member groups for more detailed info per country.

Check out the infographic