12 October 2018

Romanian IMBA member Horizons to host first Enduro event

Upcoming weekend, our Romanian member New Horizons is hosting the Straja ski area’s first Enduro race. What started as a small project to develop a few trails to promote the Jiu Valley in Romania, has now resulted in a completely new race that attracts lots of riders and led to new partnerships with e.g. the regional Alpin Club.and local municipality.  

The event and newly developed trails haven’t gone unnoticed, given the fact that even the US Ambassador will make his appearance.

The Enduro contest will take place on some of the purposed built trails like the Baloo trail, Lupilor trail and some existing singletrack sheep trails.

Romania might not be the first country that pops up your mind as it comes to mountain biking but it has definitely some hidden gems. The country has many mountain ranges, and while touristic development is still small, the positive thing about it is that you will still find a lot of remote places where you can experience the wilderness. The traditional trails are not always easy to ride but if you’re looking for some more accessible places, the Jiu Valley has enough to offer and will continue to develop their trail system.  

More info about the Straja MTB Enduro race can be found here