24 December 2019

Season of Giving - Bicycles for Education

We know what the impact of mountain biking can look like for communities or on people's personal life and well-being here in Europe. But in a certain way that impact is only relative compared to the impact bicycles can have in other parts of the world. Since it's the season of giving, we like to highlight a charity we recommend wholeheartedly, the World Bicycle Relief.

The World Bicycle Relief mobilizes individuals their families, and entire communities to thrive through the power of bicycles. By providing bicycles to children, especially girls, you can empower them with knowledge and ultimately, change the course of their lives. Education is an investment in the future and it's essential for ending the cycle of disease and poverty. Girls who complete their secondary education are six times less likely to be married as children. Even just completing one's primary education has enormous benefits. 

However, in many rural areas across the globe, children are denied access to basic education due to the barrier of distance. Tasked with many more domestic chores than boys, girls fall behind because of the cultural obstacles they face. In many of the areas where we work, it is common for girls to arrive at school late and tired if they arrive at all.

World Bicycle Relief provides bicycles to students, teachers and school volunteers to increase access to education, reduce travel time, and improve educational outcomes. Keeping girls in school has been shown to have a multiplier effect that can help break the cycle of poverty. With a bicycle, student attendance increases up to 28%. With a bicycle, academic performance increases up to 59%

If you donate before the end of 2019, you might even win your dream bike. SRAM and YT have collaborated to build this ultimate JEFFSY. 

Learn more about the World Bicycle Relief and DONATE